30 messages and quotes by Jonathan Edwards who express the ideas of the theologian

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Jonathan Edwards was a theologian, preacher and missionary with the Indians who lived between 1703 and 1758. During his life, he stood out for his thoughts in the philosophical field, defending reformed theology, the metaphysics of theological determinism and the Puritan inheritance. In this sense, to get to know your ideas and your way of seeing the world better, check out Jonathan Edwards’s messages and quotes!

Jonathan Edwards’ messages and quotes that expose the way of seeing the preacher’s world

Everything we say will be useless if not confirmed by what we do.

God is glorified in dependence on man.

Earth is the only hell that saved in Christ will endure, and the only paradise that the unbelievers will enjoy.

If our lives are not a trip to heaven, they will be a trip to hell.

I go out to preach with two goals in mind: First, that all people give their lives to Christ; Second, whether no one else gives you life or not, I will be giving you mine.

Prayer is an expression of faith as natural as breathing is an expression of life.

True freedom consists only of doing what we should, without being embarrassed to do what we should not.

Try to grow in knowledge, not mainly because of applause or to allow you to argue with others; But look for it for the benefit of your soul.

of love comes the hatred of those things that are contrary to what we love, or who oppose and oppose us in those things we delight.

God is the source of love as the sun is the source of light.

And a truly humble man is aware of the diminished extent of his own knowledge, the great extension of his ignorance and the insignificant extension of his understanding compared to God’s understanding.

When sin influences our preferences, it looks pleasant and good. The mind is naturally predisposed to think that everything that is pleasant is correct. Therefore, when a sinful desire overcomes the will, it also hurts understanding.

Of all kinds of knowledge we can get, the knowledge of God and ourselves are the most important.

God values ​​holiness in the creature and holiness is, in essence, to cherish God.

The proud person tends to miss other believers, to see that they are weak in grace, and to spend time watching how cold and dead they are. They are quick to notice their deficiencies.

Spiritual pride is very skilled in suspecting others, but a humble Christian is much more cautious about himself.

God is a necessary being because it is a contradiction to suppose that it does not exist. God is a necessary being because it is impossible for him not to exist, because there is no other alternative. There is no second second to do the disjunction. There is nothing more than we can suppose.

A true and faithful Christian makes no accidental thing of life. It is your great concern. As the soldier’s business is to fight, so the Christian’s business is to be like Christ.

God is the best good of the reasonable creature. His pleasure is our own; And it is the only happiness our souls can be satisfied.

It is not telling people about ourselves that we demonstrate our Christianity. Words are cheap. It is expensive, disorde with Christian practice that we show the reality of our faith.

spiritual delight in God arises mainly from His beauty and perfection, not the blessings that He gives us.

To go to heaven, totally to enjoy God, it is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here.

A truly humble man is sensible of his natural distance from God; His dependence; of the insufficiency of its own power and wisdom.

The false Christian seems clean and clear to his own eyes. The true Christian, on the contrary, knows his own heart, feels he is a great sinner.

The more a true Christian loves God, the more he wants to love Him and the more restless he is his lack of love for Him.

I always decided to reflect and ask, after adversity and afflictions, in what I was perfected or improved through difficulties; What benefits came to me through them and what could have happened to me if I had acted otherwise.

The more men exalt themselves, the less they will be willing to exalt God.

The sinner is not justified before God, except through the righteousness of Christ obtained by faith.

I decided that every time you practice visibly bad action, I will analyze it until I reach your original cause and then I will carefully strive not to repeat it, as well as to fight and pray, with all my strength, against the that originated it.

He who lives a life without prayer lives without God in the world.

Some authors open our minds to a new way of seeing the world, and Jonathan Edwards is one of them! To follow your reflections on religion, also check out this selection of religious messages and quotes.

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