30 messages and quotes by Jane Austen to learn more about this icon of literature

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Born in 1775 in England, Jane Austen continues to delight readers from around the world. It is wrong to think that the author’s works narrate only stories of love. With strong criticism of the society of the time, the English writer’s books have already won the cinema screens and are a reference for various academic works. Check out these messages and quotes from Jane Austen!

Jane Austen messages and quotes for those who are a fan of English literature

I declare that there is no fun better than reading. We get tired less easily from a book than anything else.

You bewitched my body and my soul, I love you, I love you, I love you!

goodbye, disappointments and sorrows. What do men matter to the cliffs and the mountains?

Nothing is more misleading than the appearance of humility. It is often just judgment carelessness, and sometimes an indirect ostentation.

If I loved it less, it could be able to say more about it.

It is neither the time nor the opportunity that determine trust; Only the character does.

angry people are not always wise.

Anything is preferable or bearable to a marriage without affection.

There is stubbornness in me that it can never bear to be scared of the will of others. My courage always increases with every attempt to intimidate me.

Is not the general inattention the very essence of love?

Half the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other half.

I don’t want people to be very kind; because this saves me the work of enjoying them a lot.

It’s not what we say or think we define us, but what we do.

I wish, like all mortals, be perfectly happy; But, like all mortals, I want to be happy in my way.

Your state of mind required loneliness and silence that only a large number of people can check.

His eyes were wrong here, everywhere, marvelously. She had come to be happy, and was already happy.

Maybe it’s our imperfections that make us so perfect for others.

time or opportunity do not determine intimacy, only the disposition.

She wanted to know what was passing at that moment in her mind, how he thought of her and if, to the shiver, she was still dear to him.

It happens a few times a woman is more beautiful at 29 than it was ten years before.

How many examples must witness of disinterested and altruistic fiery affection, heroism, courage, patience, resignation; of all the conflicts and the sacrifices that ennoble us the most.

When you are finally safe from his love, it will have all wander to, in turn, fall in love with how she well understands him.

True friendship is so rare in the world!

I do not live without music, absolutely. For me, it is a vital need.

would forgive your vanity more easily, if he had not offended mine.

What comes in a patient’s room is his weakness, not his strength; What you hear is your selfishness and your impatience, more than generosity and courage.

One loves a place less because it has suffered, unless there was only suffering, nothing but suffering.

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

His spirit longed for the loneliness and silence that only a large group could provide.

I need to subdue my mind to my destiny. I need to learn to tolerate being happier than I deserve.

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