30 messages and quotes by Gal Costa showing the strength of Brazilian popular music

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Considered one of the greatest voices of MPB, Maria da Graça Costa Penna Burgos began her artistic trajectory alongside big names such as Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethânia and Caetano Veloso. Icon of the tropicalist movement, won a legion of fans around the world with their compositions. So, remember your 57 years of career with these longing messages and quotes by Gal Costa!

Gal Costa messages and quotes that recall their greatest hits

We were happy and happy we were and if we are no longer, my love, do not worry, no.

What now? Even the carpet without you flew and has nothing more, black love …

I respect my tears a lot, but even more my laugh.

Tear the shirt wipe my weeping, as proof of love show your new corner.

You need to have an ice cream in the cafeteria, walk with us, see me up close. Listen to that song from Roberto.

My heart never tires of having hope, one day being all you want …

I don’t jump, but I’m loaded with wings that we don’t have.

Until dreaming at dawn, a girl without branches, a woman should not hesitate.

Not that I deceive myself, I think you like me …

My love, you are worth the fight, but please, my love, listen to me. Living with me lives yes, but it also lives without me.

Foolish heart, why did you make me suffer? Because of love, to understand. You have to love, why?

But it is always the dark nook, only God knows the hard I gave. Woman, on pleasures, future I kept.

Free of love, anyway. With me just for me. Free from the ardor, managed from the Melosas songs. Owner of my hours.

star, star, how to be like that, just and never suffer? Shine, shine almost unintentionally. Let, let it be what you are …

The road is for you and the game is indecency, add everything you got by coincidence.

Every time love says “come with me”, goes without fear of regret!

All the best you do, it makes my rhyme more rare. What you do helps me sing!

When we are happy, so much hot, so much cold, so much that I forget my commitment.

You have to be aware and strong, we don’t have time to fear death!

My bum heart wants to keep the world in me!

Free of love, once and for all. To just be, not to be. For nothing but walking, free from love to love.

Attention! You need to have firm eyes for this sun, for this darkness.

Try to love me, because I’m loving you. Baby I love you, I don’t even know if I love you.

Not enough to overcome the cold, that life puts in front, almost often. Just a hot hug fills the void.

My love, you give me luck in life! When I see you I don’t get out of the tone.

You must believe what I say. You can go deep! This is what is living.

But I also know how to be grimace, up close, no one is normal.

beauties are things lit inside. Sadness are beauty erased by suffering.

just crazy loved as I loved, just crazy wanted the good I wanted.

You need to learn English, you need to learn what I know and what I don’t know anymore …

Discreet in personal life and a real star when it climbed on stage, Gal Costa expressed much of his ideals in his compositions.

protagonist of important movements of Brazilian popular music, bet on mixing styles to conquer crowds and express themselves politically.

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