30 messages and quotes by Eduardo Galeano to know more about the Uruguayan journalist

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Uruguayan journalist and writer, Eduardo Galeano is the author of several books. His works transcend orthodox genres, combining fiction, political analysis, journalism and history. A strong influence of the Latin American left, he died in 2015 leaving a great legacy. Learn more about the thoughts of this great writer with this selection of Eduardo Galeano’s best messages and quotes to follow!

Eduardo Galeano messages and quotes that will make you reflect on various subjects

Memory will keep what is worthwhile. Memory knows more than me; And she doesn’t lose what deserves to be saved.

Scientists say we are made of atoms, but a bird told me that we are made of stories.

a three -year -old boy named Luca, commented one of these days: ‘The world doesn’t know where your home is.’ He was looking at the map. I wasn’t looking at the news.

Only fools believe that silence is a vacuum. No, we are never in the vacuum. And sometimes the best way to communicate is the silent.

I can’t sleep. I have a woman crossed between my eyelids. If I could, I would tell her to leave; But I have a woman crossed in my throat.

Just as the body needs material food to survive, the spirit also needs food not to dodge the path of good.

The first condition for modifying reality is to know it.

We live in the culture of appearance: the marriage contract matters more than love, the funeral more than the dead, the clothes more than the body and the mass more than God.

Reason makes us always make a decision rationally, and often comfortable. Emotion leads us to the unpredictable, the uncertain, but this strengthens the individual, leading him to prepare for difficulties.

Poverty was once considered a work of injustice. The modern world considers poverty inability.

For me, the only certainties worthy of faith are the ones who have coffee of doubts each morning.

We must be aware that nature and human rights are two names of the same dignity. And any contradiction is artificial.

No matter where I came from, but where I want to go.

The system, which you can’t eat, is not to love: condemns many to hunger bread and many more to hunger for hugs.

On the wall of a Madrid tavern, a poster warns: “Forbidden singing.” On the Rio de Janeiro airport wall, a warning reports: “It is forbidden to play with the root trolley”. In other words, there are still people who sing, there are still people who play.

In the struggle of good against evil, it is always the people who die.

Our defeat has always been implicit in the victory of others. Our wealth has always generated our poverty for nourishing the prosperity of others: the empires and their native beauty.

There is always the eternal struggle of good against evil, and with humans could not be different.

Past midnight, silence comes. Silence enters, sets in, wins.

whistled the wind inside me. I’m naked. Owner of nothing, owner of nobody, not even owner of my certainties, I am my face against the wind, the counter, and I am the wind that hits my face.

Market freedom allows you to accept the prices that are imposed on you.

So, what is utopia for? Fits this to walk.

If the grape is made of wine, maybe we are the words that tell what we are.

This was the commandment God forgot: you will be part of nature. You will obey the nature of which you are part.

Gypsy life. Things accompany me and leave. They are mine at night, I lose them in day. I am not stuck with things; They don’t decide anything.

The freedom of money is the enemy of people’s freedom.

The body is not a machine as science tells us. Not even a guilt as it made us believe religion. The body is a party.

I miss a country that does not yet exist on the map.

Who is born, who is born dies, and in everything that was created or is being created mix the right and reverse, until it is no longer known who is the principal or who is the warrant, nor where is it The above or where is the bottom. Later than early the Divine Order restores its hierarchies and returns to each one what is yours.

We have been kept within us a silence very similar to stupidity within us.

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