30 messages and quotes by Darcy Ribeiro for those who love anthropology

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One of the most famous and influential Brazilian anthropologists, sociologists and writers of all time, Darcy Ribeiro left a huge legacy for the country. Affiliated to the Democratic Labor Party, he became known for his studies regarding indigenous people and education in Brazil. Want to know more about this important thinker? So read these messages and quotes from Darcy Ribeiro and share!

Darcy Ribeiro messages and quotes that will make you dive into social studies

Brazil, the last country to end slavery has an intrinsic wickedness in its inheritance, which makes our ruling class nursing of inequality, neglect.

Present, past and future? Foolish. Do not exist. Life is an endless bridge. It is built and destroying. What is being left behind with the past is death. What is alive goes forward.

It is urgent to prevent them from the much that could be done, with support in scientific knowledge, and the debacle and smallness of what is doing.

I finish my life already exhausted to live, but wanting more life, more love, more know, more mischief.

The most terrible of our inheritances is to always take with us the scar of torturer printed in the soul and ready to explode in racist and class brutality.

The most important thing for Brazilians is to invent Brazil that we want.

courage! It is worth making mistakes, breaking up, than saving yourself to nothing.

Sometimes it is said that our essential characteristic is cordiality, which would make us a kind and peaceful excellence people. Is it like this? The ugly truth is that conflicts of all order have torn Brazilian history, ethnic, social, economic, religious, racial, etc. The most remarkable is that they are never pure conflicts. Each one paints with the colors of the others.

I admit, with all disadvantages, that I like myself so much and I find myself admirable.

In fact when you apparently make altruistic and generous attitudes you also do selfish attitudes.

The crisis of education in Brazil is not a crisis; It’s a project.

There are only two options in this life: to resign or indignant. And I will never resign myself.

If our rulers do not do schools, in 20 years it is missing money to build prisons.

I am a man of causes. I always lived preaching, fighting, like a cross, for the causes it moves. They are many too much: the salvation of the Indians, the schooling of children, the agrarian reform, the socialism in freedom, the necessary university. I actually added more failures than victories in my struggles, but it doesn’t matter. Horrible would be to have stayed next to those who won us in these battles

I bring mines in my chest. Minas hurts me, too much, to be as it is. It hurts so much that I die of anger. The devil is that the more hate, the more I move. That must be what makes me solemn when I think of Minas. Even more when I write.

we are a new people.

Master is just to show that the subject is literate, because half of those at the university cannot read.

around me, in these mines, the soft madness flourishes. It rarely manifests itself with the courage of yourself, really. Never never hide at all: disguise.

I believe no book is completed. The author can always continue indefinitely, as I continued with this, within reach, without resuming it. What happens is that we get tired of the book, that’s all, and at that moment it gives it by completed. I’m not sure, but I suspect that it is like this.

Lately things have become more complex because traditional institutions are losing all their power of control and doctrine. The school does not teach, the church does not catechizes, the parties do not politicize. What operates is a monstrous mass communication system, imposing unattainable consumption patterns and unreachable desires, deepening the marginality of these populations more.

Gilberto Freyre wrote, in fact, the most important work of Brazilian culture.

This our uniqueness was a thousand times threatened, but fortunately managed to consolidate itself. Even when Europe shed crowds of immigrants we welcomed and even the large number of Orientals who settled here. All, or almost all, were assimilated or abrasiled.

It was Himself that entered in another instance of their existence, in which thousands of peoples and their own cultures would be extinguished, to give birth to the larger and broader macroetnies ever seen.

In the decades of the finding, discovery or invasion of Brazil, increasingly thorough descriptions of new lands emerged. Thus, they were appropriated by the invader also for the knowledge of their rivers and forests, peoples, animals and goblins.

I failed everything I tried in my life. I tried to literate Brazilian children, I couldn’t. I tried to save the Indians, I couldn’t. I tried to do a serious university and failed. I tried to make Brazil develop autonomously and failed. But the failures are my victories. I would hate to be in the place of those who won me.

Live lit, looking and knowing the world around you, learning as an Indian … Be an Indian in wisdom.

One is the superb and proud tolerance of those who know each other different and they want to remain. Another is the oppressive tolerance of those who want to live reigning on the bodies and souls of the captives, Indians and blacks, which can only conceive as those who should be their equivalent tomorrow, because all the difference is intolerable to him. >

Here, no land wasted with the people who were generated. It all appropriates the ruling class, less for use, because it is too too much, but in order to force the subjugated Gentiles to work on the land of others. No freedom is also consent, because it is heretics to catechize, freeing them from eternal perdition.

Who are we? What do we exist for? Why? For nothing?

We have one of the most opulent, antisocial and conservative elites in the world.

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