30 messages and quotes by Ariano Suassuna to be inspired by his genius

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Ariano Suassuna was an important playwright, writer and Brazilian teacher. His most renowned work is the Auto da Compadecida, which was adapted to the screen and TV screens. Most of its production has elements of northeastern culture, thus, very important for Brazilian culture. Check out Ariano Suassuna’s messages and quotes and learn a little about your genius.

messages and quotes by Ariano Suassuna who show his wisdom and good humor

I don’t change my oxent for nobody’s ok!

The dream is that it takes us forward. If we go to the reason, it is alerted, accommodated.

You can write without spelling errors, but still writing with a colloquial language.

The task of living is harsh but fascinating.

The optimist is a fool. The pessimist, a boring. It is really good to be a hopeful realistic.

Art for me is not market product. They can call me romantic. Art for me is mission, vocation and party.

Third age is for fruit: green, mature and rotten.

Imagine that boredom a place with male only.

I have never seen a genius with medium taste.

In my view, as long as there is a miserable, a man with hungry, the socialist dream continues.

I am in favor of the internationalization of culture, but not ending local and national peculiarities.

I dream of the day when the sun of God will spread justice all over the world.

Instead of aircraft carrier, Americans today send Michael Jackson and Madonna to dominate Brazil.

Humanity is divided into two groups, those who agree with me and the mistaken.

that it is very difficult for you to overcome secular injustice, which tears Brazil in two different countries: the country of the privileged and the country of the dispossessed.

They say everything passes and the hard time everything crumbly.

I have two weapons to fight despair, sadness and even death: horse laughter and dream of the dream. This is what I face this harsh and fascinating task of living.

Only your name is what matters! All others are mistakes. You have the key to the dream door and nightmares.

I’m not afraid of plane as many say. What I have is boredom.

The human being is the same anywhere, any time, any time. You can be rich or poor, but the problems that truly affect human beings are the same.

Massification seeks to lower the artistic quality to the height of the average taste. In art, the average taste is more harmful than bad taste …

Jesus sometimes disguises it as a beggar to test the goodness of men.

Who likes to read does not die alone.

That I don’t miss the desire to have great friends, even though you know that, with the turns of the world, they end up leaving our lives.

There is no new or old art, only good or bad.

Crazy lost everything but reason. They have a particular (reason) (reason). Liars are similar to writers who, disagreeing with reality, invent others.

We have a tendency to believe that it does not die.

Everything that is alive dies.

When I die, I do not loosen my horse on the stones of my burned pasture: Fustigate his boom, with the gold spur until he killed him.

Man was not born to death: man was born for life and immortality.

Ariano Suassuna is gone, but left in his works a great wealth, which leads us to reflect with lightness and good humor. If you liked this selection, also check out messages and quotes about culture.

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