30 messages and quotes by Adam Smith to know the modern economy

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philosopher and theorist of economic liberalism, Adam Smith is considered to this day as a reference for economists. Verifying the private initiative and the division of labor, he left in his writings great teachings. To learn more about your studies and personal visions of life, see Adam Smith’s thought -provoking messages and quotes we have selected! Share your favorite.

Adam Smith’s messages and quotes who were successful in his publications

Where there is large property, there is great inequality. For a very rich, there are at least five hundred poor, and the wealth of few presumes the indigence of many.

The universal ambition of men is to live by reaping what they have never planted.

In those corrupt governments, in which there is at least general suspicion of much unnecessary expense and great malpractice of public income, laws that prohibit the smuggling are very poorly respected.

Demand for men, as for any other commodity, necessarily regulates the production of men.

What will generate the richness of nations is the fact that each individual seeks their development and personal economic growth.

is the fear of losing your job that restricts your fraud and corrects your neglect.

People of the same craft rarely meet, even if in joy or fun, but if you have place, the conversation ends up in the conspiracy against the public, or in any device to raise prices.

The true value of things is the effort and the problem of acquiring them.

The willingness to admire and almost idolize the rich and powerful and at the same time despising and neglecting the poor is the greatest and most universal cause of corruption of our moral feelings.

The state should not interfere with the economy, it fits itself.

Envy is the passion you see with evil disgust the superiority of those who really are entitled to all the superiority they have.

The great secret of education is to guide vanity for the right goals.

It is not the benevolence of the butcher, brewer and baker that we expect our dinner, but the consideration they have for their own interests.

The competition of the poor takes the reward of the rich.

Every individual is continually striving to find the most advantageous employment for capital he can command.

Man is an animal that makes bargains.

There is no other art that a government learns as fast as the art of taking money from people’s pockets.

Happiness is what we earn by acting.

civil government, when instituted only for the protection of private property, is actually instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, those who have ownership against those who do not have.

It is unfair that the whole society contributes to funding an expense whose benefit goes to only part of this society.

What can be added to the happiness of the man who enjoys good health, has no debt and is aware of clean?

The richness of a nation is measured by the people and not the richness of the princes.

Little is necessary to erect a state, from the most primitive barbarism to the high degree of opulence, as well as peace, low taxes and good justice administration: everything else runs to the natural course of things.

Humanity is the virtue of women, generosity is the virtue of man.

Those who are soon in a condition of enjoying their compensation, sooner will be like work.

Nothing but the most exemplary morals can give dignity to the most modest men.

A man enriches employing a multitude of workers and becomes poor keeping a multitude of servants.

The only use of money is to circulate consumable goods.

Science is the great antidote against the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.

Consumption is the only purpose and the only purpose of all production.

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