30 messages and quotes about withdrawal to keep the flame of hope

By: Tranoniq.com

There are those who say that withdrawal is a sign of weakness, that only the weak of heart accept this premise. What no one tells us is the courage we need to keep our dreams vibrant, day after day. To do this, we have selected inspiring messages and quotes about withdrawal that will bring a new look at this attitude that can sometimes be seen as a fresh start. Check it out below!

messages and quotes about withdrawal to reflect on your dreams

Soon or later, we end up giving up. After all, there is no heart that supports so many disagreements!

Close cycles, but don’t give up! After all, you can be someone’s inspiration.

Is it really worth giving up just because they doubted my potential?

When I thought of giving up, you appeared bringing me strength to move on.

Giving up is not for the weak, but for those who have courage and a little self-love.

I already thought of giving up everything, but I changed my mind when I noticed that I would earn much less than if I kept trying.

If not God has given up on you yet, it is because there is still a chance to work out!

no effort is in vain, but if it is necessary to give up, so that it is.

You can give up anything, less of expressing your own opinion. After all, it is very valuable, it is part of who you are!

Giving up on yourself should be prohibited.

When the only solution is to give up, you may have worked too hard…

It’s not the end when you give up, so we have resumed …

I’ve lost count of how many times I gave up on my head, but not my heart…

Remember: giving up being happy is out of the question!

I give up! Not because of you, but for the sake of myself.

I only give up if they prove to be impossible, otherwise I will persist!

Now, it no longer makes a difference, I give up on you with my clean consciousness!

Giving up does not make things easier, but sometimes that we need to be at peace.

defeat only exists for those who have not even tried. So rest assisted, giving up is part of the process!

Before you think about giving up, remember how many times you wished to be where you arrived.

It’s too soon to give up love, but I feel that I have no other option …

dropouts only happen when we stop believing in ourselves. Persist!

To conquer tomorrow, it is important not to give up today.

Don’t give up! The world always spins, live one day at a time.

Here is the secret of life: Never give up on you because of someone else!

Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up what you have the potential to make you happy.

Giving up is a word that my vocabulary is unaware. So, I go ahead!

When things get very difficult, the solution is to give up before it’s too late.

cowardice is not recognizing the right time to give up. No one is iron!

I give up! This is not a matter of being weak, but of understanding that it no longer makes sense to me.

The important thing is to move on, giving up and restarting when necessary. In order not to lose faith on better days, see also our messages and quotes of hope in God and get ready for the best!

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