30 messages and quotes about social inequality that show their problems

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Unfortunately, we live in a society where conditions and opportunities are different for people of different color, gender and social class. This reality needs to be known and fought. Therefore, we have selected messages and quotes about social inequality that will make you think of your implications. Check it out and share with people who also need to open their minds.

messages and quotes on social inequality to reflect on its consequences

The concentration of income makes few have a lot and many live killing to have the minimum.

The biggest problem of social inequality is pretending that it does not exist and say that people do not rise because they do not want to.

There are no equal opportunities for people living in different realities.

Social inequality has historical roots and begins at the same moment as modern society begins.

Competition is always unfair when growth conditions are not the same.

For those who have money left, inequality seems to be a distant reality.

Social inequality benefits those who use this system to grow.

As long as people exist benefiting from social inequality, there will be no big front to combat it.

As long as there is social inequality, even if small, our society will not have reached its maximum evolution.

The system we live survives thanks to inequalities, not your interest in ending it.

Inequality is a monster who always destroys the weaker side.

People do not grow because they do not want, they do not grow because the system does not allow.

When you need to work and study, you don’t have the same growth conditions as those who just need to study.

True progress is not to enrich anymore who is already rich, but offer quality of life for those who have little.

More than half the world has no opportunity to dream because they need to focus on surviving.

Working to survive is different from working to follow a dream and few have this opportunity.

It is wrong to live in a society where some live on luxuries and others sell lunch to buy dinner.

We are not born equal, some are born with every opportunity in front of you; others, they never saw them.

To combat discrimination, we need to reach the root of the problem that is social inequality.

A society without inequalities seems utopian, but it must be our fight daily.

Progress constantly runs over two gears. Makes one thing crushing someone.

What is very difficult is for you to overcome the secular injustice that tears Brazil in two different countries: the country of the privileged and the country of the dispossessed.

Private property introduces inequality between men, the difference between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak, the Lord and the slave, until the predominance of the strongest. Man is corrupted by power and crushed by violence.

The devaluation of the human world increases in direct proportion with the valorization of the world of things.

The history of all societies to date is the history of class struggles.

It is necessary to erect the people at the height of culture and not lower culture at the level of the people.

Inclusion happens when learning from differences and not from equality.

Nature made man happy and good, but society depraved him and makes him miserable.

There is no competition where there is inequality of conditions. There is cowardice.

Where there is large property, there is great inequality. For a very rich, there are at least five hundred poor, and the wealth of few presumes the indigence of many.

The fight is long, but we cannot stop. Get inspired by people who did their part and marked the story. Check out our messages and quotes by Angela Davis and get to know your trajectory.

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