30 messages and quotes about science for those who are passionate about knowledge

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Progress is what moves the human being, isn’t it? These are the studies that brought several technologies and improvements to society! If you are thirsty for knowledge and are in love with learning new things, then read these sentences about science and enjoy sharing with friends!

Science messages and quotes that will make you understand the importance of this study area

Science is just common sense exercised and organized.

What we know is a drop; What we ignore is an ocean.

Science is the mother of knowledge, but opinions generate ignorance.

Science is made up of errors that, in turn, are the steps to the truth.

Do you want you to teach you how to reach true science? What is known, knowing that one knows; What is not known, knowing that it is not known; Actually this is the knowledge.

The beginning of all sciences is the astonishment of things to be what they are.

All great progress of science resulted from a new audacity of the imagination.

In issues of science, the authority of thousands is worth no longer than the humble reasoning of a single individual.

false science creates atheists, the true, makes man prostrate himself before divinity.

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Science is not an illusion, but it would be an illusion to believe that we can find elsewhere what it cannot give us.

A scientist in your lab is not just a technician: it is also a child placed ahead of natural phenomena that impress as if they were a fairy tale.

This is the essence of science: Ask an impertinent question and fall on the way to the relevant answer.

Somewhere, something amazing is waiting to be discovered.

Something is only impossible until someone doubts and end up proving otherwise.

Science is a willingness to accept facts even when they are opposite to desires.

The scientist is not the person who gives the right answers, but who asks the right questions.

My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, because it is as it is and because it exists in everything.

Life without science is a kind of death.

If the appearance and essence of things coincided, science would be unnecessary.

Science is not an opinion, it is a fact, studied and proven.

If we cease to believe in science, we cease to believe in human intelligence.

All the technologies and advances we have today was thanks to science. Never underestimate research and improvement capacity.

A scientist is someone who brings light to the darkest places.

People may not believe in science, but it is a fact and there is no opinion to change that.

In such obscure times, science is like a guide star that points to the correct direction.

Be wary of those who doubt science and have ideas based on unlimited opinions.

Human science also brings liberation and a perspective of a better society!

Science is constantly evolving, seeking improvement and a direction for better days.

Science will never stop, because the universe is infinite and full of possibilities for discoveries.

Studying and seeking knowledge always leads us to expand new horizons! To avoid losing the pack, enjoy and take a look at these short philosophical messages and quotes.

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