30 messages and quotes about inclusion to welcome diversity

By: Tranoniq.com

The world is diverse and plural, however, the differences are not always welcomed. Often, who is different is excluded, which causes situations of segregation and prejudice. How about changing this scenario a little? Check out inclusion messages and quotes and spread the idea of ​​reception.

Inclusion messages and quotes to learn from differences

Like birds, people are different in their flights, but equal in the right to fly.

Inclusion happens when learning from differences and not from equality.

Nothing we live in if we could not include other people.

No one is just like anyone. Every human being is a unique strange.

All together for an inclusive education!

signs are for the eyes what the words spoken are for the ears.

Differences of differences does not bring inclusion. Learn to deal with differences, yes.

It is not enough for everyone to be equal before the law. The law must be equal before all.

Differentiation brings segregation. The awareness that we are all different, approaches us.

If a place does not offer access to all people, then it is a poor place.

school has to be a place where children have the opportunity to be themselves and where differences are not hidden, but outstanding.

School Inclusion Without Specialization of Teachers is exclusion.

Inclusion is a right, not a favor.

Including is not asking someone to adapt. Is to accept what it is.

Diversity is to invite to the party, inclusion is to call to dance.

Accessibility for everyone is the responsibility of each one.

By focusing on skills rather than stereotypes, companies can focus on the talents and skills of people with disabilities by creating a truly inclusive environment.

Do not hurry, each child has its own time to evolve.

Inclusion is a universal right. Do your part to a world with less exclusion.

Getting rid of judgments and stereotypes is also part of a more inclusion society.

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we should teach the way they learn.

See the whole person, not just the deficiency.

The greatest limitation is still prejudice.

Children are like butterflies dancing in the wind! Some fly fast, others fly slowly, but they all fly their best, because each is special.

Hands break silence and communicate from those who do not hear, but see, feel and get emotional.

It is not the disability that makes life more difficult, but the barriers that society puts.

If we teach children how to accept diversity as something normal, it will not be necessary to talk about inclusion, but of coexistence.

Being different is not a problem. The problem is being treated different.

There are no lower people, only different. And each has the responsibility to practice inclusion.

When the right to be different is lost, the right to be free is also lost.

The world can be a place with more inclusion, just embrace this responsibility. Also check out messages and quotes against prejudice to get rid of this violence.

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