30 messages and quotes about cycles that invite us to reflect on the phases of life

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Nothing in this life is static. Everything is constantly changing and renewing! Are you afraid or find it comforting? To reflect a little more about the subject, we have separated a list of the best cycle messages and quotes that show how life is made of these phases. Enjoy and share with all your contacts.

messages and quotes about cycles that show that life is made of various moments

Whenever a river hits the ocean, it waits to return.

I believe there are phases, cycles, beginnings, restarts. And I think I’m right in the middle of one of them.

There is no victory or defeat in the cycle of nature: there is movement. When the heart of the human being understands this, it is free. Accepts without weighing the difficult times and is not fooled by the moments of glory.

Understanding that life is made of cycles makes you at peace with everything that comes and everything that goes.

I think I don’t know how to close cycles, put end points. With me they are always commas, quotes, ellipsis.

My heart, still childish, does not understand the cycles that life has: you think everything is beautiful and pure.

cycles close and try to avoid it will only bring more pain.

Close the door, change the disc, clean the house, shake the dust. Stop being who it was and becomes who it is.

Life is a complete circle, expanding until it joins the circular movements of infinity.

Everything passes! Life is made of cycles. There is time for everything. The pains will come to an end. Trust!

Every limit is both a beginning and an end.

If the sun and moon know the time to get out of our views, why don’t some people follow the cycle of nature?

Understand the end of one cycle and meet the beginning of another.

Loves need to turn around yourself, closing your own cycle. This is what releases us to be happy again.

Each new life cycle requires a different version of you. Enjoy without fear of each change and be truly happy.

Everything has a beginning and an end. And that goes for both good and bad things.

Allow yourself to live the new one with your baggage of past experiences.

Life is composed of small cycles that close in a large perfect cycle.

Everything has your time to start and end. Enjoy the interval between these moments.

Do not have a medium of new cycles, as they bring us amazing experiences.

Nothing in life is static. We are constantly changing, starting and ending cycles.

Be grateful to the universe for giving you the opportunity to live another cycle.

Life as a whole is a cycle and we are all connected by it, to a lesser or greater degree.

That this new cycle of my life brings peace, love and much health.

Currency a cycle can be sad and nostalgic, but that means it was worth it.

We are constantly recommending, so don’t be afraid to embrace the new things that come into your life.

goodbye to the old and Hello the new one may be scary, but it’s the only way to walk forward.

Be like the phoenix that, at the end of each cycle of your life, burns on fire and reborn from the ashes.

Nothing is permanent. And that can be both scary and wonderful. It just depends on your perspective.

cycles end, others start and this is the magic of life.

This constant metamorphosis makes us think more affectionately at every moment we live, isn’t it? Following this pack, take a look at these transformation messages and quotes.

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