30 messages and quotes about autism to make your behavior aware

By: Tranoniq.com

Autism is a type of developmental disorder that brings difficulties in a person’s communication and interaction skills. In addition to World Autism Awareness Day, it is important to speak and be aware of the theme all year round, because when people worry, it helps everyone. So, check out this selection of autism citations that overflow inclusion and respect.

Citations on autism to help with awareness

Someone with autism taught me that love does not need words.

Autistic sees the world from a different angle.

Autism is not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a new path.

Autism does not heal, it is understood!

Respect, Patience and Understanding are the greatest weapons.

Some people with autism may not be able to speak or respond to their name, but they may still hear their words and feel their kindness.

Autism participates in our humanity as much as the ability to dream.

Autism has no face. The diagnosis is not a sentence.

Any autistic can be surprisingly brilliant, and they deserve a more conscious and tolerant society.

Autism is not the enemy. The enemy is prejudice.

Doctors determined effective treatment for people with autism. It is called respect

It is always important to remember that people with autism have feelings as well. Be sensitive and tolerant.

autism is not a disease. It’s just a difference!

Life is like a puzzle. We should stop trying to fit people where they do not fit

It is necessary to understand autism. We do not need advocates. We need educators.

Your autism is not contagious, but your smile is.

Children with autism are colorful – they are usually very beautiful and, like the rainbow, stand out.

There must be much more emphasis on what a person can do instead of what they cannot do.

Autism cannot define me. I define autism.

It’s just a way to see the world with a unique way of being.

differences constitute the whole.

May love be the only behavior.

We cannot look with the same eyes for everything. Each weight requires a measure.

It is necessary to respect, even more, what is unknown to us.

Autism is much more than any shallow definition.

We should stop trying to fit people where they don’t fit.

is a unique way of being and a different way of seeing the world.

That inclusion is a rule and never exception.

that no action or definition is disrespectful and restrictive.

Autism is part of this world, not a world apart.

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