30 Matuê messages and quotes to know your verses and rhymes

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Matheus Brasileiro Aguiar, Matuê, is a rapper and composer of Ceará who has already burst with his first work, released in 2016. Since then, his songs have gained great prominence and the rapper is already considered one of the biggest names in Brazilian Trap. Get to know a little more about your verses and rhyme through our selection of matuê messages and quotes.

Matuê messages and quotes to know more about this rapper’s work

Everyone wants to be a star, but there is no place in the sun.

I was born in the war of my parents. Now that I’m old, I’m just wanting peace.

I’m living my dream, good life, having everything I wanted.

I do what I want, it is not impossible.

Money is the only thing I see.

Your mouth I want to be floss.

Who was not with us will be left.

I will drown in my vanity.

I don’t know where to go. I feel a void inside, I hide to escape this feeling.

you didn’t believe me, but today it worked you are in the mood.

The cross that I carry on my chest, I install and paid in interest.

Time closes every day, even if it doesn’t rain here.

I kept my secrets, I repeated my mistakes, but I’m still here.

Do you have this million in the account? I don’t think so, so you don’t come to talk about me.

There was nothing, now I have fame. Money has for family, a change for my daughter not born.

To reach my dream I had to come to Passin.

living everything I wanted, known north and south of the country. I knew that every time would reward me.

My prerogative is to roast loudly and make a sound, wait for the money and share with the brothers.

To have money, it has to be whole.

I planted so much money that now I have a garden.

I was born winner, blessed by birth, I’m grateful.

Sometimes life forces you to make choices in the fallen.

Something tells me that they watch me, following my steps. Every place I walk I feel, they so monitoring what I do.

New Age, New Rhyme, plays the game, lights another, get the mood and steal the top.

Sometimes you need to recompose yourself when there seems to be no output.

In my mind, I have a dream: living selling joy, smoking a beck every day.

When you want the world on your palm, you will end up exchanging your soul for money.

my tram wants order, but also wants samba.

sorry, I got tired of living like this, seeing my brothers always one step off the end.

Is it tomorrow I see the sun ratt, or death comes or do I let it take me?

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