30 Lady Gaga messages and quotes for those who have a strong personality

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Stefani Germanotta or Lady Gaga, as it is known worldwide, is an American singer, songwriter and actress famous for her extravagance, with an iconic, inspiring and award -winning career. To know a little more about this woman so amazing, check out the best Lady Gaga messages and quotes we have separated for you!

Lady Gaga messages and quotes to learn more about Mother Monster

You need to ignore certain comments to be happy.

There is nothing wrong with loving who you are.

I’m beautiful my way, because God does not make mistakes. I’m on the right track. I was born that way.

A different love is not sin.

I will not give up my life. I am a warrior queen who will live passionately tonight.

Some women choose to follow men, others choose to follow their dreams.

Brazil, I’m DevastaDed. (Brazil, I’m devastated).

Remember: Unlike your career you will never wake up in the morning and say you no longer love you.

I have a hundred million reasons to leave, but love, I just need a good reason to stay.

I just want to be myself and I want you to love me for who I am.

Take my hand and stay. The sky is not yet prepared for you. Every part of my injured heart needs you more than angels need.

To love is to be in danger, always. Love makes you risk, being irrational. Keep you alive and also destroys you.

It is not about winning, it is about not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for him.

I want you to love me for who I am.

It is not about how many times you are rejected, or fell or have been defeated. It’s about how many times you got up with courage and moved on.

If you are a strong woman, you don’t need permission.

I confused with love, it was not love. It was a perfect illusion.

I really believe in the virtues of dialogue.

Ignore all hatred and all negative criticism. Live from what you create and die defending this.

Well, that’s your opinion, right? And I’m not in the mood to waste my time to try to change it.

We are not really equal if we are not allowed to love another freely.

I just want to be free, I just want to be myself.

If I knew it would be the last time, I would have left my heart in two trying to save a part of you.

I don’t want to give my heart to another stranger. No, I will never love it again.

I allow myself to fail. I’m not afraid of my mistakes.

I am my own sanctuary and I can reborn as many times as I want.

You must define what beauty is yourself. Society cannot tell you what beauty is.

You have to be different, unique and shine in your own way.

I’m not a model, and my job is not being beautiful.

I may not be perfect, but you know I have a diamond heart.

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