30 indirect messages and quotes to crush that will reveal hidden feelings

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Declareing your feelings to someone can be very difficult, so many people prefer to act through the indirect. If you are a person who does not know how to express themselves, but who wants to earn the heart of someone special, will love our selection of indirect messages and quotes to crush. Check it out, share everywhere and be noticed!

Indirect messages and quotes Pro Crush with Music

The songs are a great way to send an indirect to the crush. So we made a selection with the best compositions for you to give your message. Check it out!

What a coincidence, me alone and you alone. Why don’t we tie each other and give a knot?

If you ask me to stay with you forever, I won’t even think twice to answer you, you know I will.

Now is the time to say that today I love you, I will not deny that someone else will not serve.

I just want to know which street my life will touch yours.

After I met you it was hard to live, I keep imagining things with you.

But do you want to know? What I want most is you and me.

It’s too good to want someone and it’s you I want.

If you were mine, I was marked, to France I would go, took care of the cats, lived in Floripa.

What do you mean? Rekindles what is in us, then without looking back, catches and leaves …

Let me say that I love you, let me like you …

Indirect messages and quotes pro crush you call you

If you can’t wait to go out with Crush, it’s time to send that indirect! Next you can give the best messages and quotes to receive a special invitation.

I can’t stand waiting anymore, call me right away!

arrives very slowly. Calm down, just kiss me. Shut up my mouth, take me from this place.

Do you intend to call me to go out at some point?

so, when will that our kiss come out?

If I don’t call you, it’s because I’m waiting for you to call …

calls me to go out, to kiss your mouth and be part of your life!

If you call me, I will …

I already gave so many indirect, why haven’t you invited me to leave?

I’m not waiting. Call me soon to leave or I’ll go to another!

What do I need to do to get me out to go out?

Indirect messages and quotes Pro Crush that does not notice you

Has the person you like has not noticed your feelings? Share one of our indirect crush messages and quotes that does not notice you and show your indignation!

I was here all the time, only you didn’t see it.

Why don’t you look at me? Tell me what I have bad.

I just wanted to know how to attract your attention and show everything I feel for you.

hey, crush! Why don’t you notice me?

My strange throat when I don’t see you, comes a crazy desire to scream.

all the place I arrive, you don’t stay. Everything I ask you, you can’t. If I give an opinion, you imply. Every time I call, you are not!

spends the day, spend the night, I’m in love! Heart in the chest suffers without you on the side.

I create subjects, beg with my eyes and let my feelings show, but you still don’t notice me.

I like you and want to live by your side, but you can’t see. What can I do to understand my feelings?

I just wanted you to not even not feel the same as I feel.

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