30 IMMANUEL KANT messages and quotes to better understand your thoughts

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Immanuel Kant was one of the greatest philosophers of the modern era. Founder of critical philosophy, sought to find without his studies and thoughts the limits of human reason. Its importance is such that to the present day, their ideas are used and serve as a reflection in the most varied areas of life. Check out Kant’s best messages and quotes and share your favorite.

Kant messages and quotes that reflect philosopher’s wisdom

Always act in such a way that your behavior may become the principle of a universal law.

Every inner reform and every change for the better depend exclusively on the application of our own effort.

There is no virtue so strong that it is safe from temptation.

We can judge a man’s heart for the way he treats animals.

man can only be a man through education.

It is in the problem of education that rests on the great secret of the improvement of humanity.

You are free when you do not seek someone out of yourself to solve your problems.

Friendship is similar to good coffee; Once cold, it does not warm without losing much of the first flavor.

There is only one true religion, but there may be many species of faith.

Education is the development in man of all the perfection that his nature is capable.

A happy reading is as useful to health as the exercise of the body.

The human heart refuses to believe in a universe without a purpose.

Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.

Belo, it is all that pleases disinterestedly.

Everything you can’t tell you how you did it, don’t do it!

The wise man can change his mind. The ignorant, never.

man is the only animal who needs to work.

The intelligence of an individual is evaluated for the amount of uncertainties he is able to support.

We are all equal before moral duty.

The same happens to merit and innocence: it is lost, as long as we sustain them.

virtue always lasts longer than other qualities and is always the first to appear.

The more love we have, the easier we do our passage through the world.

man’s supreme mission is to know what he needs to be man.

Two things fill the soul with growing admiration and respect, the more intense and often their thinking is concerned: the starry heaven over me and the moral law within me.

We are not rich for what we have, but for what we do not need to have.

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

There are no guarantees. From the point of view of fear, no one is strong enough. From the point of view of love, no one is necessary.

Who does not know what they seek, does not identify what they think.

man is nothing but what education makes him.

All our knowledge is born in the sense, goes through understanding and ends in reason.

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