30 Hilda Hilst messages and quotes that are sweeping

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Hilda Hilst was one of the greatest voices of Brazilian literature of the twentieth century. Innovative and visceral, his work approached: life, death, mythicism, love and madness. Some say that the writer was airtight, but more than that, she was able to capture the restlessness of being, the chaos of the world. So, check out beautiful messages and quotes from Hilda Hilst and get inspired by this great woman!

Hilda Hilst messages and quotes that resignify our life

Willingness not to make sense of things, words and life itself. Just as life is in reality absent from meaning.

Of these everyday nadas that consume the best part of us, I wanted to tell you about the burden when we get older, the disappearance, this thing that does not exist, but it is raw, it is alive: time.

May this love not blind me or follow me. And myself never realize.

My house is guardian of my body and protector of all my ardances.

Some docts in science have found that the greater the intestine, the more mystical the individual. And who more mystical than God? Great gut, pray for us.

I like this time, to stop the gushing of some lives.

Look at me again. With less haughtiness and more attentive.

Affliction to love you, moving you. And being water, love, wanting to be earth.

Turquoise and silver, my hate-love, Lord of my life. Remember us. In blue. In the light of charity.

Who are you? I asked the desire. Replied: Lava. Then dust. Then nothing.

Because there is desire in me, it is all scrub.

Bever your life that runs, listen to your gold from within. It’s another yellow that I tell you.

Casting the infinity on the chest.

My measure? Love. And your mouth in my imreaded.

What pain of hugs. What a transparency pain. And null gestures, melted portraits, tape photos.

In every corner of the house, vehement evidence of your face.

The desire, this one of the flesh, is not afraid to me.

I recall houses and landscapes, seeking me, my face.

I crossed the sun, touched the wall from inside friends.

I sought light and love. Human, attentive. As who seeks the mouth in the ends of the headquarters.

To know belonging is to have nothing more. It is having everything too. It is like having the river, the one that flows into the infinite waters of a nonsense of anyone.

As if everything else allowed me, I photographed me in nun iron gates.

Vast feelings have no name.

glued to your mouth my disorder. My vast will.

I love you, even if it fulminates or punches me in my face makes me less bone and more true.

Passion is the thick artery gushing luscious and illusion, it is the mouth that pronounces the world, purple over your layer of emotions, scarlets over your life, passion is that open from your chest, and also your desert. P>

To live is to sink into each walk.

To love the perishable, nothingness, the dust, it is always to say goodbye.

I want and wanted to be ox. Be flower. Be landscape. Feel the afternoon breeze.

Deliver me, Lord, of the open and jammed.

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