30 Good night sung messages and quotes to conquer your love

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When we are in love is amazing! The loved one inhabits our thoughts and appears even in our dreams. How about taking advantage of the romantic atnight mood to show your interest? We have selected fun and affectionate good night sung messages and quotes for you to share with who is the reason for your sweetest insomnia. Check it out and express your feelings.

Good night sung messages and quotes that are infallible to flirt

May your night be as beautiful and charming as you, star in my life.

Good night! I was going to tell you to dream of the angels, so I remembered that you are the most beautiful of them all. A request: invites me to sleep with you and introduces me to heaven.

Good night! Do not look out the window, as the stars will feel jealous of their shine and the moon will wish their beauty.

You are not insomnia, but you are taking my sleep with such beauty. Good night!

Good night! I saw myself kissing you and my heart was filled with joy, so I woke up and found out I was dreaming. How about you come to transform my dream into reality?

Good night! If I were a musician, I would make a serenade in your window to conquer you, but as I am not, I will only be in the singing.

I could come by and wish you a good night, but I will be sincere and confess that my only wish is you.

Good night! The moon should be sued for trying to plagiarize its beauty, but rest assured. She failed. You are unique.

Good night! You are not a thief, but have stole my sleep. Gentilize coming back and sleep with me.

The night is long and my imagination is even longer. Even sleeping, I think of you.

Good night! I thought the moon was the owner of the biggest beauty in the world, so I met you and changed my mind at the same moment.

Good night! I’m dreaming or will you really accept my invitation to go out with me on the weekend?

Good night! I noticed that there is a space on my perfect bed for you. How about coming to sleep with me?

Good night! I lost my teddy bear, so I will need you to hug with me and be able to sleep.

Good night! I just need your yes to believe that dreams can become reality: come to sleep with me?

Poets say the kiss is the language of love, how about we becoming the night talking?

Good night! Can you send me a picture of you? I need to prove to my friends that angels really exist.

Good night! I lost my bed, can I go to sleep on yours? I promise I will be your blanket.

Without you, I get a moonless night: extremely sad and deleted. Come sleep with me, please.

Good night! Look out the window and count the stars, the result is the number of times I will try to have a chance with you.

Good night! Better than dreaming about you is dreaming by your side. Come sleep with me.

If I were diabetic, I would be very trouble, because every night, I have sweet dreams with you. Good night!

Good night! My bed has asked to warn that it is available to you. And I am too.

Good night! I get lost in the darkness, could you be my guide star?

Tonight is beautiful! To make it even more perfect, you just have to sleep with me. Call me Uber that I’m already going to get you.

Good night! I dream so much about you that my bed is eager to meet you. Come sleep with me.

Good night! I can’t sleep and it’s all your fault that doesn’t come out of my thoughts.

I can be your blanket and go to sleep on your bed? I promise I will warm your heart.

Good night! They say it is very important to follow our dreams. So, please, could you give me your address?

Good night! If I could have the girl of my dreams, surely she would be you.

With these singing, surely, the beloved person will sleep thinking about you. Enjoy and also check out the romantic messages and quotes of good night to continue sharing affection.

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