30 good night messages and quotes, cousin, who bring good dreams

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A love that is born in childhood, grows between play and eternalizes in the heart. Sharing moments with a cousin is one of the great beauties of life. Never get tired of repeating how special it is for you. So check out the messages and quotes of good night, cousin, and illuminate her rest with a beautiful show of affection.

Good night messages and quotes, cousin, that will make sleep much more cozy

Good night, dear cousin! I wish you have sweet sleep, full of beautiful dreams.

cousin, rest your beauty, because even queens need to sleep to reign in the morning. Good night!

When the light goes out, keep dreams access. Good night cousin! Tomorrow you will have all the time to make them reality.

For the best cousin in the world, I wish a good night’s sleep, with the most cozy dreams.

Good night, cousin! May dreams take you to the most beautiful places and that the stars illuminate their way.

Sleep well and tomorrow wake up to shine. Good night, cousin!

Need not be afraid of the dark, you are so radiant that every darkness runs out. Good night, cousin!

miss you, cousin! Sleep well and never forget that you are in my heart. Good night!

Always thank you for having such a special cousin. It is not always that we have a friend that we can share even blood ties. May our friendship be eternal. Good night!

May God bless your sleep and may angels bring the sweetest dreams. Remember you always brings me the best smiles. Good night, cousin!

Good night, cousin! May your life be abundant in joy, love and hope, for beauty and ability you have to spare.

All the dreams of the world for you, cousin. My affection is eternal. We need to renew our memories and photos together, huh. Good night!

I couldn’t let you go to sleep without remembering that I love you so much. I miss you. Good night, cousin!

May your dreams be calm and may your dawn be splendid as the smile you always bring on your face. Good night, cousin!

May peace surround your soul and good energies illuminate your heart. Good night, cousin!

Who has a crazy cousin, has everything in life. Thank you very much for the partnership. Rest well. Good night!

We can be a cousin of blood, but we are sisters of heart. I love you. Good night!

as beautiful as the moon, as bright as the stars. I admire you a lot, cousin. You still have a lot of sky to conquer. Good night!

Good night, cousin! On the road of life, you are the star that illuminates me. I love your friendship.

cousin, thinking about what I have good in my life, I remembered you. I couldn’t help but say I’m grateful for you to follow me all these years, friendship from the crib. Good night, cousin!

Just thanks and lets the moon illuminate you and the night breeze calm your thoughts. Good night, cousin!

sends the concerns away, because tomorrow there is a new dawn. Good night, cousin!

May our friendship be a beautiful eclipse in life in the days of darkness. Good night, cousin!

The moon has arrived, it’s time to rest. Good night cousin! May all the stars of the world shine in your heart.

Who sleeps with positive thinking, wakes up with attitude. Good night, cousin!

You finish the day full of tranquility. Have a serene sleep. Good night, cousin!

Good night, cousin! I miss your company. You are always in my thoughts.

I passed to leave a hug pretty tight. Sleep well, cousin. A good blessed night.

Good night, cousin! I’m so grateful to have you in my life. May God bless your sleep.

Being happy is a matter of valuing the good things that happen in your life. Having you as a friend and family member is one of them. Good night, cousin!

affection is everything in life! For sure, your cousin will sleep full of joy. Also check out the messages and quotes of good night, blessed family and cultivate love for family ties.

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