30 good morning messages and quotes for godmother who bring courage to their second mother

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It is very special to have a godmother and to be able to always count on her, even better is to keep the things she teaches and puts into practice to live with more faith. Return the affection you receive from your Dinda as soon as you wake up with these good morning messages and quotes for godmother. Take good energies to her day and start smiles from this mother from the heart!

Good morning messages and quotes for godmother who say how special she is

godmother, I woke up missing you and willing to tell you that God is taking care of everything. Good morning!

I do not know what would be of me without your care and love. You help me trust God and me more. Good morning, godmother!

As you have always taught me, godmother, have faith that life will be better and it will be. Good morning!

Thanks to you, godmother, I am the one I became today. Thank you for always taking care of me and teaching me what you know. Good morning!

My dear godmother, I hope you are well and have the strength to overcome the challenges of this day that is just beginning. Good morning!

I love you and I admire you so much, godmother. I want to be more and more like you. Good morning!

I am very grateful to God for your life and being able to call you godmother. May your day be special and very blessed. Good morning!

The sun arrived announcing a beautiful and blessed day. Smile and live it with joy, godmother. Without your presence in my life, the day would have less colors. Good morning!

You take care of me like a loving mother and I only know how to feel gratitude for everything you do for me. Good morning, godmother!

My parents chose you with love and they got it right. You are the best godmother there is. Good morning!

Today is the day to celebrate and thank the gift that being alive and living at the same time as you, godmother. Good morning!

My godmother, may you be strong to face the challenges of your day and get a lot of victories throughout it. You deserve it. Good morning!

Good morning, godmother. I want to wish you a day full of light and tell you that God is ahead of your steps and will give you the victory.

The love you deposit in my heart daily makes all the difference in my life, godmother. Good morning!

You are one of the most special people of my life and I only ask God to fill you with true joys. Good morning, godmother!

Thank you so much for always supporting me and showing me the fun side of life. You are very special, godmother. Good morning!

godmother, give your fears to God and can trust that He will give you courage and strength. Good morning!

You taught me about depositing our yearnings in the lap of the Lord and everything has changed in my life. Good morning, godmother!

You are an angel who protects me and blesses me with your prayers. I feel your care from afar, godmother. Good morning!

I just passed to say that you will have a beautiful day because we will meet. Good morning, godmother!

I hope you woke up excited, godmother, because your smile is able to arouse the best in us. Today will be a day full of joys and victories. Trust and smile, Dinda. Good morning!

godmother, your strength inspires me and motivates me to continue fighting for happiness. May there be many reasons to rejoice on this day. Good morning!

Dinda, remember that the Lord’s mercies renew each morning and bring peace to our hearts. Good morning!

The constant help I get from you encourage me to always seek what is best for me. Good morning, godmother!

You are an illuminated being and full of God’s love. How do I like to learn from you about faith and life! Good morning, Dinda!

godmother, I miss your hug and your affection. I hope you are well and have an amazing day!

My faith is great and I am sure that God will take care of you in everything I do during the day. You are always in my best thoughts. Good morning, godmother!

You are my family and I know I can always count on you. Thank you for welcoming me with so much love, godmother. Good morning!

I don’t know what your plans are for today, Dinda, but I hope to be happy to be between them. Your smile is a sun for all of us. Good morning!

For my second mother, I came to wish a day full of victories and joys. How good it is to have the lady around. Good morning, godmother!

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