30 funny single messages and quotes that carry the lightness of solitude

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Being single is no reason for sadness! There is a lot of fun and lightness in living life by enjoying one’s own company, and a lot of beauty to recognize it. If you love to laugh at life and are in play in terms of relationships, you will love funny single messages and quotes! Check it out and share to show that you are proud of your status!

Funny single messages and quotes perfect for those who love to laugh at the company itself

Single fate is the nearest bar!

To be single is to have one a day (reason to cry).

Entering a relationship may seem tempting, but it was also entering the Titanic ship and see what happened there.

Before single than dating someone who doesn’t spoil me with food.

single life is good, the problem is being the person who cooks and also who washes the dishes.

Instead of “single” as marital status, we will of “operant independent property”.

the reason why am I single? God made me too much sand to the plane.

If it was to be a single full of dramas, I was dating.

I’m single because God wanted it like that … He has already referred me here that way.

The contact list does not stop growing, I will be single until it ended it.

No, I’m not single. I’m in a long distance relationship: I’m here and my boyfriend in the future.

Being single used to mean that no one wanted you. Now, it means that you are beautiful, sexy and you are taking too long to decide how you want your life to be and who wants to pass it on.

I don’t need to be in a relationship to hear how beautiful, beautiful and sexy I am. I already know that.

I’m single and loudly shout … a beautiful beautiful boy listens.

Belling is very hot for those who know how to enjoy the company itself, I unfortunately need the beer next door.

Before you, I liked being single. Nowadays, I refuse to be otherwise.

single, I lie down. With an emotional boy, I get up. I have to repeat every day.

Stick, only with the poor poor thing of my puppy. Otherwise, very unique!

I’m not alone! I’m with myself and I’m fabulous.

single that cries watching romance, but does not give up your freedom!

single of those who fall in love with a foster … but still single!

If I’m single, the problem is mine … mine, I have 15 contacts to take care.

Garlet of so much that single life makes me happy (ignore the need)!

I changed my love life for a beer grid and I can’t say I’m sorry.

If I don’t work with anyone, it’s right match with single life!

single detached, but which is stuck to the friends. This is me!

One more day thanking you to be single: Thank you, God! In the order part: a very cat, go …

There are two different “EUS”, dating and the single. The single side is much more fun.

Hard to start dating when I’m here and him, just in my imagination.

I will only be with someone who realizes the great hot thing I am.

Being single, you learn to enjoy life in a completely unique way! If for you to respect your cycles, it is a source of pride, check out single messages and quotes for status and share your loving situation on your social networks!

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