30 funny messages and quotes for grandma who relive his special way

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Having a grandmother is like having a second mother, but with attitudes that surprise us every day. That’s because, with it, we gossip and have fun without the pressure to need to be righteous all the time. To honor yours, see the best funny grandma messages and quotes we have selected and choose the good mood to honor the experiences with your old lady.

funny grandma messages and quotes that yield good laughs

No matter how much you have already fed, a grandmother always believes you can eat a little more.

my grandmother, if I let it, make crochet clothes even for me!

I’m not a computer technician, but my grandmother believes I can fix her computer always.

Want to undo my grandmother? Refuse the pot with leftover food it offers for the next day.

My grandmother is not a bank, but there are always some pun to help me!

My humiliation is never to remember the step by step of the recipes, while my grandmother can do everything heads.

When I grow up, I want to be like my grandmother: a good old lady who returns the ball to the neighbors!

My grandmother has more disposition than me! And look, I’m about 50 years old than her…

For my grandmother, gossip does not exist: God is responsible for building the works and it only comments.

A grandmother with cell phone is the guarantee of an image of “Good morning/good afternoon/good night” in the family group.

If you need help, don’t count on my grandmother at the time of the soap opera. Well, this is a sacred time for her!

As you get older, I want to have the same rights as my grandmother: I can be complaining and without popes in the language!

The biggest sadness for a grandmother is that you eat at her house without releasing the pants button.

grandparents say they do not spoil, but they do everything we want from our parents’ eyes!

The true grandmother dismisses herself with her mess, but always participates in her fans.

I forgive you, dear voice, for calling the name of all grandchildren before mine when you need to talk to me.

A grandmother only feels really complete when you praise the foods she made especially for you. Otherwise, you can forget…

An unforgettable moment with my grandmother? The one she asked for me to get her “smile” inside the glass at the bedside table…

If I’m alive today is thanks to all the superstitions of my grandmother, who did not allow me to mix mango with milk, for example.

Having Netinhos? That nothing! My grandmother’s biggest dream has always been retired.

The difference between a mother and a grandmother is what they offer you when you want a candy. Do you prefer an apple or a brigadeiro?

I know things are old when my grandmother says they are her time.

I don’t care what people think of me, what interests me is that my grandmother finds me beautiful!

Want to know the last gossip of the novel? Just call my grandmother to a talk.

grandmother’s food seems to be made with witchcraft… Just feel the smell, we already want to eat again!

I am more forgotten than my grandmother when she wants to tell me something new, but she doesn’t remember exactly what she is.

When I grow up, I want to have my grandmother’s self -esteem: who says she’s not old, it’s vintage!

Nothing more disappointing for a grandmother than visiting her with full mouth.

Going to visit your grandmother and get back in fear of the old walls hanging from the wall is practically an icon of my generation.

Want to test your maintenance skills? Go to your grandmother’s house and wait for the repair of her cell phone repair.

It is a really eccentric figure in our lives, right? If you no longer have the company of yours to share good times, see also our messages and quotes for the deceased grandmother who honor with great affection!

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