30 Funny good night messages and quotes to laugh before bed

By: Tranoniq.com

It is always important to wish good night for people we like, and doing it in the form of a joke is even better. Check out the most hilarious good night quotes and share with your friends and family so that they sleep with their belly hurt from laughing so much.

Funny good night quotes for a lighter end of the day

Good night! May all evil become money and all envy bring me luck. Amen!

Today I go to bed with my mô … Letom.

Good night, people! Let’s sleep because it’s free, what it costs is to get up.

Good night! If the dream is over, don’t be discouraged, because in the bakery there is more.

My night will be in 3D: lie down, sleep and rest.

Good night! I haven’t forgiven Noah for putting that couple of mosquitoes in the ark.

Good night! I love to sleep, because it’s something I do lying down.

broke Japa’s party … Japacama. Good night!

Good night and very calm! Calm down that everything goes by, even if it is over you, but it passes.

The good side of sleep is that it has no bad side. Good night!

I wish you have the most beautiful dreams and life keep the best: me! Good night.

Some have money, other beauty… and I have sleep. Good night!

I like all of you! Some like to have around, while others prefer to maintain distance. Good night!

Good night! I’m going to sleep just a little because if I get my sleep up to date, I get into a coma.

Do not create expectations, create sleep. If it doesn’t work… you sleep!

Sometimes in the silence of the night … I wonder how many hours I still have to sleep.

Sleep is so good! I don’t know why I haven’t been. Good night!

In bed I do crazy things… like knocking my cell phone in the face while typing. Good night!

Sleep pushes me and the bed calls me. Good night!

I was here thinking about my problems and decided to take action: sleep. Good night!

Even Facebook Gives me good night and Crush no! Good night!

I think my sleep is cheating on me… spend all day with me and the night disappears. Good night!

I was going to sleep happily until I remembered that tomorrow is Monday.

I’m going to sleep, because the sun will not shine alone tomorrow. Good night!

Everything in life passes, less the desire to sleep and wake up rich. Good night!

Sleeping is good, but sleeping knowing that you don’t have to wake up the other day is even better. Good night!

Good night! I’m going to sleep with the angels, because you are enough for you.

My battery is over, I think I’ll put myself to recharge. Good night!

I’m going to sleep because my bed is needy, missing me. Good night!

Let’s sleep because loving is complicated, drinking is expensive and eating fattening. Good night!

Now that you’ve laughed a lot, starting other people’s laughs sharing the quotes you liked the most. Enjoy and also check out good night quotes with love and share with those you like!