30 FRIDAY messages and quotes 13 that will bring you very luck

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Popularly considered as a day of bad luck, Friday 13 is full of superstitions and beliefs. Some say this is a date to stay home and not risk it. Other people prefer to believe that she brings luck! To reflect a little more about this peculiar day, check out enigmatic messages and quotes on Friday 13 and good luck!

30 FRIDAY SHOES 13 to have fun and reflect

The Friday can be 13, but luck is you. Faith in what is good, that evil races thin.

Don’t be superstitious. Do not spoil your Friday 13!

Unlucky is not knowing how to love and be unable to see happiness in the small details. May life be seen with joy, good humor, optimism and positive attitudes, regardless of the day!

crossed a black kitten on Friday the 13th? Enjoy and affection in the pussy! After all, unlucky is those who mistreat animals.

Who mistreats a cat, good guy is not. Friday 13! Protect your pet against human ignorance.

For those who have faith, bad luck goes far. Happy Friday 13!

Friday 13 is a file near any Monday.

Today is Friday 13, so what? Every day I am blessed by God!

Friday 13. 13 is my luck number. You have to be lucky not to depend on the strongest. You have to be strong not to depend on luck.

No matter the number, Friday is Friday and is my favorite day of the week!

The biggest bad luck for a black cat is to find an ignorant human on Friday 13th.

Friday 13 is not bad. Bad really is to put up with false and flexible people every day.

As if I needed a Friday 13 to get bad.

Friday 13 for me is lucky day. After all, there is little to the end of work.

That this Friday 13, happiness pulls the chair and feels by your side forever!

Fear of Friday 13? I have is afraid to fall again on your chat.

Attention! Friday 13 is the day to distribute potion. This is yours: blessings, love peace and health. Let’s distribute to friends and family?

I’m not afraid of Friday 13, because I already live with witches every day.

sinsalabin, bring an amazing Friday for me.

Today is Friday 13 and I am in the mood to play the terror.

Friday 13, day to take the brooms and fly to the bar.

Friday 13 is the day of being happy and nothing else.

May your Friday 13 be frightenedly wonderful!

Friday 13 and I just want to drink that potley potion with alcohol, the famous beer.

When luck is missing, make attitude left. Unlucky is scared to death of certain people. Happy Friday 13!

May your sixth 13 be chilling!

Do you know who else wants to have a good Friday 13? All black kittens! Protect your little animal from humans.

Friday 13? I do not care! What matters is that it is already Friday.

Friday 13 is for those who believe in bad luck and do not know the power of God to protect us, love us and bless us.

Don’t be silly. Friday 13 is lucky day and good things for all those who believe in the positivity and power of good!

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