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It is very sad when someone you thought was by your side proves that you didn’t care about you. Realizing that it was all an illusion can be devastated, but you have to get up, paste the pieces of your heart and start over. For this, check out deluded messages and quotes and give a new start to your life!


I was deluded to believe that you felt the same, but luck yours that now lost me and will never have my love again.

Illusions are part of life, but there comes a time when we find sincere people who will never delude us and where we will feel at home.

You can’t recover the lost time you were deluded, but you can really make the future worthwhile without repeating slips from the past.

To recover from an illusion, you need to cling to what you know is true in your life.

Reality is merely an illusion, despite being a very persistent illusion.

I’m leaving and leave you to my past. I won’t live on illusion anymore.

I collect illusions, so they call me deluded, but everything is fine. At least, I’m living and I dare risk myself.

Besides being deluded, I was made of clown, because everyone knew, laughed at my face and no one wanted to help me. At least, I know I was sincere in everything I did. Others cannot say the same.

I opened your eyes and they will never close. Who deluded me once, will not get it again.

It seemed that I had found my place, but it was all my head.

I cried a lot when I realized that I was deluded and that good that was because the tears took all the pain though.

the charm passed and only the illusion stayed. You were more special in my imagination than in reality.

Who lives in illusion, stops finding comfort in reality.

Illusion We heal loving, allowing themselves to live and choose the best for us.

Illusion does not kill, but it takes all the good I have already felt for you.

My greatest illusion was to believe in your words without realizing that you only sought your interests and lied to me.

I was deluded and ended up alone. Life really seems unfair to those who love too much, but one day we will reap what we plant. Love will win!

This illusion served to teach me that the important thing is to love me and take care of me.

I know people didn’t hurt, but even so, I feel they managed to delude me with words that didn’t align with attitudes.

I’m a deluded who always expects more from life, even when she doesn’t seem to want to match me. The mistake is not mine to have hope. At least, I have the strength to start over.

After an illusion, you are afraid to trust people. Don’t do that! Give one more chance to life. Do not measure other people for an individual’s error.

Let go who deluded you. It will hurt, but you will recover and be stronger.

Your heart will heal from this illusion and you can love it again, but this time someone who will really value you.

I got tired of believing in people and being deceived. My trust is not like a cat and their seven lives. Just believe seeing. Now, no one else will fool me!

You thought you could deceive me, but the school of life has taught me not to trust people like you.

Before drunk than deluded. Believing in love no longer makes sense, I will continue in this bandit life.

Who warns deluded was. Who is stubborn does not know how to listen, deluded will be.

Discovering that being deluded does not hurt as much as knowing that whoever deluded me was the one I trusted most.

Love is the son of illusion and father of disappointment.

Good thing the truth appears and we can stop being deluded and starting life.

The time will come that you will find people who value you and will not deceive you. Until then, check out illusion messages and quotes and learn to shield yourself and move fake people out of your life!

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