30 cuckold messages and quotes to live and overcome this difficult phase

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Who has never been a horn to throw the first stone! The person we love is not always who we thought to be. What’s more, a relationship requires effort on both sides. If someone betrays, the distrust sets in. How to restore lost confidence? Here is a list of the best horn messages and quotes to live this difficult phase and overcome.

How to overcome? Don’t be the last one to know anymore …

Hug and wandered we only give those near.

i just can’t seem to get over the way you hurt me. Don’t know how you gave it to another who didn’t mean a thing, The Very Thing You gave to me. (I can’t overcome the way you hurt me. I don’t know how I managed to deliver to someone who means the same things you gave me).

you should’ve said no. You Should’ve Gone Home. You Should’ve Thought Twice Before You Let It All Go. You Should’ve Know That Word, But what you did with her. (You should have said no, you should have gone home. You should have thought twice before you let it go).

Lover has no home.

i See It All Now That You’re Gone. Don’t You Think I Was Too Young to Be Messed with? (I realize everything now that you left. Don’t you think it was too young to go through that?)

Curious About The Company That You Kep Cause I Hear You Talking About Her In You Sleep, And Now You’ve Got Me Talking About Her In Mine. (I’m curious about your new company. I heard you speaking her name while I slept and now I’m speaking her name as well as I sleep).

Those who betray are more interested in what they think they do not have than with what one has.

having only one has always been your problem. Your theater I learned a long time ago.

jealousy erodes all my certainties. I exclude myself for not having its beauty. Obsession hurts me.

i needed to lose you to love me. (I had to lose you to be able to love me).

The 7th Thing I Hate the Most That You Do You Make Me Love You. (The seventh thing I hate the most in you is that you made me love you).

I gave you every part of me and you could not enjoy a real love.

The occasion does not make the thief, only reveals the character failure and talks more about who cheats on what is betrayed.

After Every hit we take, every feeling that i get, but i haven’t missed you yet. Only when i stop to think about it. I Hate Everything About You. Why from I Love You?! (After every blow we take, every feeling I have, but I haven’t missed you yet, only when I stop to think about it. I hate everything about you. Why do I love you?)

What hurts the most is not that you left me, but you have ignored all our love.

We only know those who make us suffer.

One Day You’re Going To Remember Me And How Much I Loved You. Then, you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go. (One day you will remember me and how much I loved you. So you will hate yourself for letting me go.)

How will I be able to believe again in love after I lost my heart?

The greatest revenge can be done to the one who stole his partner is to leave the traitor to the thief.

I kiss this glass, hugging the bottles, the loneliness is a companion in this stripe. While you don’t come back, I’m dropped to the moths. Damn feeling that never ends.

Someone told me that you fool me and I can’t believe it. I need to know if it was really you who told me to warn me.

I bet all my chips in the game of love and went out with an empty heart and mind full of you.

Only the enemy never betrays.

I’m not upset because you lied to me. I am upset that from now on, I can no longer believe you.

In adultery, there are at least three people who are wrong.

It is your indifference that kills me. It’s an invasion, a knot inside me.

We make men without chest and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and shocked when we found traitors in our midst. We castrate the animal and demand that it be fruitful.

The price of fidelity is eternal vigilance.

is as the saying goes: Who is on our side has value only after losing.

I am still me while you no longer recognize yourself.

is… love life is not easy, is it? To prove that even the famous fall into suffering, see the messages and quotes of Simone and Simaria that are perfect to pack this moment!

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