30 Christmas Eve messages and quotes that will make you excited for the big day

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beats the bell, because the Christmas spirit has arrived and the big day is coming. We have selected beautiful Christmas Eve messages and quotes that will leave you with the taste of joy. Check it out, don’t let anything spoil this magical moment and share it with people that make your heart vibrate. Our votes are of peace and harmony for you!

Christmas Eve messages and quotes full of tenderness, humor, affection and fun

That on Christmas Eve your house is fragrant with joy, that peace reigns in your life and that the Christmas spirit transcends in your heart.

Be sure to buy gifts on Christmas Eve! On that day, be in peace and harmony with yourself.

It is Christmas Eve and the sky is celebrated for the arrival of the day the baby Jesus was born. May divine joy be present at our supper.

It is Christmas Eve and my heart is exploding with anxiety! May peace and joy reign in the heart of our family.

It’s Christmas Eve! My stomach can only think about supper and my anxiety only thinks about the gifts. Play, my beloved! I wish the Christmas spirit to be with everyone.

Dear friends, see the most beautiful clothes, gather the family and contain cases of formerly, as it is Christmas Eve! Much love in the hearts of all and hope is installed in the soul.

It is Christmas Eve, the smell of cinnamon spreads around the house and the flashers shine. Make preparations a moment full of joy and shares.

Santa Claus, it’s Christmas Eve, don’t forget my gift, Enh! For my friends and family, bring a lot of joy and a supper full of hotness.

It’s Christmas Eve! I spent the whole day without eating, with my belly thinking about the supper! I hope there is no shortage of fun, joy and harmony for everyone!

It’s Christmas Eve! Let’s make a pact with the joy: let’s leave the complaints aside and be grateful for life, family and friends.

Christmas Eve is the day when the aunts squeeze our cheeks and say: How you grew up! And the little girlfriends? We make fun, but deep down we love these moments!

BOY JESUS, It is already Christmas Eve, pour your love over the world and take care that everyone has a plenty of supper. Do not leave any children without gift and comfort the hearts of the anguished.

May the bells of Bethlehem echo on our Christmas Eve and spread joy around the world. That communion is our main course during supper.

Important Christmas Eve Warning: Tomorrow, do not be planted in the corner of the room like a Ranzinza tree. Allow yourself to live the joys of this moment. Smile and fraternize with the family.

May joy not be a ornament. That gifts are not just material. May the meaning not be an excuse for selling goods. It is Christmas Eve, we will recover the true Christmas spirit.

It’s Christmas Eve! May peace, joy and harmony be like a flasher in our hearts. May the smiles shine and that the homes are illuminated.

My friends, it’s Christmas Eve! I pass here so as not to let anyone forget my gift. No socks, huh! I want to earn a lot of happy moments in the company of each one.

May your Christmas Eve be a bag! A bag full of presence, with joy, harmony and sharing.

On Christmas Eve, that everyone has beautiful dreams. May joy reign. And let heaven be illuminated by peace.

BOY JESUS, It is Christmas Eve, deliver us from the grape-raisin, apple in mayonnaise and multiply the crumbs and desserts. Amen!

Christmas Eve is a moment of reflection. Take a deep breath, give forgiveness to those who hurt you, fill your heart with joy and make a vow of renewal for your life.

Happy Christmas Eve, your crumbs! I hope everyone is celebrating a lot. Joy and fun for all.

It is Christmas Eve. Christmas magic is in the air, let her infect you. Lots of light, peace, harmony and joy for all.

How time flies! It is already Christmas Eve. That the Christmas blessings fall on our homes. Let’s celebrate with great joy and love in the heart.

Arrived on Christmas Eve! May joy be the star of your tree and illuminate your home. A lot of harmony and peace for you.

Christmas Eve is only complete when the mother puts the pave on the table and, wherever she is, an uncle smells and already shouts: is pavĂȘ or pacomĂȘ?!

already cuts a piece of panettone, combines with a cup of very hot chocolate and prepares, as it is Christmas Eve! Cheers.

Christmas Eve is the day to gather the family and watch, for the thousandth time: they forgot about me. We confess, we hate, but love!

confesses, no matter how old, on Christmas Eve, you believe in Santa Claus and expects: What will the good old man bring me? Can I get it on the jump this time?

Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s Christmas Eve! May the Christmas climate warm your heart and perfume your life with great joy. Celebrate the good times.

Christmas Eve gives a warm heart! Do not let this climate full of tenderness if it is over, already take the opportunity to check out the Christmas messages and quotes and, tomorrow very early, share words of love, peace and hope.

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