30 Christmas card messages and quotes that celebrate this special date

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A time to celebrate and be with whom we love, Christmas is a magical moment! Spread love, peace and gratitude are part of this beautiful date. And if you want to send a very beautiful message to friends, family and dear people, then this list of Christmas card messages and quotes is perfect for you.

Christmas card messages and quotes that bring the true spirit of the most magical time of the year

May this Christmas be full of light, may your dreams and desires come true and that this feeling of happiness lasts all year round.

Recipe for Christmas dinner: Mix love, forgiveness and understanding. Put a hint of harmony and goodwill. Serve for the people you love.

May all your days have the beauty and joy of Christmas!

May Christmas be a symbol of love and peace in the heart of everyone.

I wish you peace, joy and all the best that Christmas can offer. May this incredible time of the year of donation and spend time with the family bring you happiness that lasts the whole year.

The best gift I can receive this Christmas is your affection and your presence.

Faith and hope are the lights that should illuminate us at this time of reflection. Merry Christmas!

Christmas comes as the wind to gather and form ties, to embrace and love, dream and desire. Merry Christmas!

This time of year brings us cheerful parties with the family. It is a time for reflection and thinking about the future. I wish you and your family members many beautiful memories of this approaching Christmas.

The gift of love. The Gift of Peace. The gift of happiness. May all this be on your Christmas!

Christmas of Dreams is the one we idealize in the Spirit, we feel our hearts and share in solidarity. Good to share these moments with you!

May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and the meaning of this happy time.

praying that you have a wonderful Christmas, full of moments you will always remember.

Your friendship and love are the best Christmas gift I got. Merry Christmas.

On this day, we remember that love did not come into the world with pomp and refinements, it was born in the simplest place among the humble and small. He only asks us that today we get rid of so many adornments and appearances that today our hearts assume the smallness and exalt the king of kings. That in your home is not sure: He came for you, made it small to make you big!

May the baby Jesus be reborn in the heart of all his family!

Christmas is time to celebrate with family, exchange gifts and love without forgetting the true meaning of the party: the birth of our Savior!

A Merry Christmas to you and your whole family! May peace reign in your home and may Jesus bless each of you.

Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus with much love, happiness and solidarity.

May your Christmas be of peace as the first. Lots of light and blessing for you and your whole family.

Christmas is time to celebrate love, sharing and be with the dearest people! I hope yours will be full of good things.

The happiest and happier date of the year has come! May your Christmas be a day of renewal and peace.

My greatest Christmas gift is you! Thanks for the wonderful year.

There is no gift that replaces your presence at Christmas. I hope this year we can celebrate this magic date together.

The true magic of Christmas is within each of us and in all the love exchanged on this beautiful day!

May our inner child never stop finding Christmas the most magical season of the year!

Full table, present under the tree, sincere hugs, especially gratitude for being once again gathered with the most beloved entities … That’s what I wish for you and your whole family this Christmas!

This card is the most simple but true way I found to say that I love you and I wish you all Christmas!

No matter the belief, Christmas gathers all of us in one purpose: celebrating and sharing love! Love was born!

Never stop seeing Christmas with a child’s eyes: a magic that, for one day, becomes real.

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