30 baptismal invitation messages and quotes that celebrate the first sacrament

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In baptism we are blessed by Christ, for in him there is truth and love. This rite comforts us and brings the certainty of salvation to all of us. Therefore, we bring you beautiful messages and quotes for baptized invitation, so that you can invite people who do you good for this moment of consecration. Check it out below!

Baptized for groomsmen’s invitation

Seeing your baby being blessed before God and every church is an unforgettable moment for any father and mother. Especially in front of a godfather or godmother who will guide your child for a walk of faith. To make this invitation, see the beautiful messages and quotes we selected!

God’s Word is the most beautiful gift you can give to someone. We invite you to guide our son to the path of salvation, being your godfather and companion of faith. Accept?

For salvation, we cross a path of stones and thorns, we resist temptations and find salvation. We invite you to be with us, so that together we can instruct and guide our little one in the way of God.

This Sunday will be a day of happiness for all of us! Our greatest love will be baptized and blessed by God. We want you to be part of this moment so blessing being the godfather of our child. May God’s love guide us on this beautiful journey!

The skies sing with happiness to learn that our little daughter will be baptized! To do this, we invite you, a longtime friend and our sister before God, to be the godmother of this moment so beautiful and important to us. May God bless you and protect you!

Just as our Lord was blessed on the Jordan River, we invite you to accompany our son on this journey of salvation, so that he can instruct him and guide him to the word of our God.

“Jesus answered, In fact, I tell you that he who is not born of water and the Spirit cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Our son will be baptized and we invite you to be part of this walk for salvation as a godfather. This is a special time and of great faith to us and we are hopeful that you may be with us. May God bless you!

We trust you our son, so that you can guide, instruct and show the path of faith to our child.

Dear friend, I invite you to be a godfather of my son’s baptized, to guide you and give the good news of the Kingdom of God. It is with great faith and love that I make this invitation!

Our little angel will be baptized next Sunday and we want you to be his godmother, so that we can all guide you on the way to happiness and salvation.

We invite you to do the part of the divine walk with our son, who will be baptized. May the Holy Spirit open our hearts for this journey.

Evangelical baptized invitation messages and quotes

The moment of choice, of walking the way of Christ and witness of faith before all. We have selected messages and quotes so that you can invite those who are with you in the love of our Lord and on the walk to the house of Christ.

The journey that we walk towards the love of God can be harsh, but the house of the Lord is a temple of happiness and salvation in which we all expect. Can I count on your presence in my baptism?

Growing up listening to the word of our Lord was a gift in my life. This is why today I ask you, who has always been present in my prayers and thoughts, to participate in my baptism.

I would like to invite you to be present in my baptism. This event in which I will bear witness to my love and faith in Jesus Christ, the only way of salvation.

I am happy in Christ and I want to make my abode of faith. To choose to be baptized is to follow the words of salvation and to share all the love that our Lord gives to us daily. I count on your presence!

I am strong and through Christ I found a life of love and happiness. So I invite you to be present in my delivery and baptism, so that we can share this moment of joy and faith together.

The house of the Lord is one of the greatest choices of our life! Thus, I invite you to be present at this moment so beautiful and sacred. You are my special guest on my baptism!

Our Lord will guide us to the path of salvation and it is with Him that I want to pass my life. I invite you to be present in my choice for God’s way, so that together we can make our journey of faith.

There is no life without the love of Christ, for it is in him that our hearts find salvation. I invite you to share with us happiness in this moment of faith in the house of the Lord. Come participate with us of my christening!

I invite you to be present in my christening. It will be a moment of great happiness and faith, in which I will give my testimony of all my love for our Lord. I will proclaim the word of salvation, so that I can serve it and follow it and share your word of love.

I invite you to participate in my baptism, moment of highest faith in my life, in which I now express all my love to our Lord. May no evil reach us at this moment of such happiness!

Psalm messages and quotes for Baptized Invitation

Psalms are chants that bring us teachings and lessons about God, His love for us and the blessings it provides in our lives. We bring here some beautiful passages to be used on baptized invitations!

The Lord is my strength and my shield; In it my heart trusts, and I get help from it. My heart exults with joy, and with my song I will give you thanks.

Bendigate the Lord, you, your powerful angels, who obey your Word. They bless the Lord all your hosts, you, your servants, who fulfill your will. They bless the Lord all his works everywhere in his dominion. Blessing to the Lord my soul!

the one who dwells in the hideout of the Most High, in the shadow of the omnipotent will rest. I will say the Lord: He is my God, my refuge, my fortress, and I will trust in Him.

The Lord is my pastor, nothing will lack. Lying me in greenery pastures, guide me softly to quiet waters. Refrigerates my soul; Guide me for the paths of justice, for the sake of your name.

God is our refuge and fortress, very present help in anguish. Therefore we will not fear, even if the earth moves, and even if the hills are transported to Omeio dos Seas.

O Lord, I am very your servant; I am your servant, son of your servant; You have released my bandages. I will offer you sacrifices of praise, and will invoke the name of the Lord.

Come, and hear, all who fear God, and I will tell what He has done to my soul. I cry to my mouth, and he was exalted by my tongue.

are all those who seek to you; And those who love your salvation continuously say: magnified be God.

Teach me, Lord, your way, and I will walk in your truth; Unite my heart to the fear of your name. I will praise you, Lord God, with all my heart, and I will glorify your name forever. For great is your mercy to me; and delivered my soul from deeper hell.

Blessed are those who dwell in your house; will praise you continuously. Blessed is the man whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the placard ways.

I hope you enjoyed the sentences that were fondly selected for you. To continue reading the word of salvation, check out our selection of psalms messages and quotes.

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