30 Balance point messages and quotes that spread good feelings

By: Tranoniq.com

Formed in 1999, the Balance Point Band stands out in the scenario of the Brazilian reggae. With lyrics full of justice and good feelings, it packs the young audience in bars, beaches and festivals throughout the country. To know your messages and the ideology you carry, see the best balance point messages and quotes we have selected and contagious with your positivity!

Balance point messages and quotes full of truths and equality

Never lose your balance, no matter how strong the wind of the storm.

Happiness is in simple things, as in your love gestures.

Connecting with God’s strength is for those who know how to love.

Before you judge badly, because you don’t look at yourself. You will see that you are making bigger or even error.

I just want what is mine, I don’t want anyone else. I will only get what God gave me, I do not want to steal what is yours.

Your main subject is to speak badly about the life of others, but this is ugly thing.

So, don’t get me looking at others’ defect, as if it were normal.

judging yourself perfect, this is a defect and you can see, we all have a multitude of defects, but we also have qualities that can’t even tell.

A rootless tree is not standing. What is the use of knowing your story if you don’t seek faith?

Opens the favela window, you will see the beauty that is inside it.

The cross I carried Jah gave me, knowing I could take it.

If the mission was put into your hands, don’t give up, for the way forward is the way of salvation.

Each plant what it wants, but will reap what to plant. It’s the greatest justice!

In childhood, you cry, put you in front of the TV, exchanging your roots with an artificial way of living.

On a sunny morning, seeing the light, you realize that your role is to resist, don’t you?

I looked into me and saw my heart not wanting to hit, asking for a solution.

In the pitch of the favela, at dawn, the only light seen is the spark of a gust.

We continue to exercise the daily life with love to always keep our inner peace.

moving on without fear of anything, the Lord is my pastor and blesses my journey.

I know where I came from and I know where I go, I have full knowledge of where I am still.

Memory of a time where to fight for your right is a defect that kills.

Dreaming dream changes the reality.

whatever it is, it will be Jah and his army armed with healing and love.

In an instant, all lives and dimensions creating the bridge to one homeland, without disappointment.

The tears of Jah nourish the earth. While we ask for peace, Jah cries with the war.

jah with flower flower bed, always trying to relieve our pains.

I know my mother was right, being afraid is not good, but the power of singing is a gift.

Don’t come with the one that doesn’t interest me, violence weighs, let’s live love.

There is a natural magic flowing in the air… If you listen carefully to you. It can be in a trumpet, the first or last to sound on this planet.

we are what we are and we will always be, we can not deny a no from where we came from.

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