30 9 -month married messages and quotes celebrating love in lollipop wedding

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Nothing better than celebrating the love and unity of a young couple. A real honeymoon, the first year of marriage is always an adventure: with daily discoveries and much affection involved. To celebrate lollipop wedding, the tip is to check out these 9 -month married messages and quotes full of affection and passion!

9 months married messages and quotes to celebrate this beautiful time together

The greatest luck of my life was to marry my best friend. Happy lollipop wedding, passion!

Happy lollipop wedding for us, my life. God will still do amazing work in our family! We are just starting.

I remember when I met you and knew: There was a true love there. How good it is to see you married and happy for 9 months. May God continue to bless this couple!

When I discredited in love, you arrived with that smile and proved it still exists. Happy lollipop wedding, my love!

You bring colors to my days and make me the happiest person in the world. How good it is to share life with you! Happy lollipop wedding for us!

a true friend, companion and husband! In you, I found everything I always searched for. Happy 9 months of us, love!

For each other and both for the glory of God! Happy lollipop wedding! May the sweetness among us be a reflection of God.

My love for you grows with each passing day. And I never thought this would be possible. Happy lollipop wedding, honey!

You are the most wonderful wife in this world and celebrate these 9 months by your side is my greatest privilege.

Today I love you more than I loved yesterday, but it’s not even half of what I’m going to love tomorrow. Happy lollipop wedding!

God was so good and just when he put you in my life. May he continue to bless our marriage every day. Happy lollipop wedding!

I realized that I loved you when I looked at your smile and just wanted to see him for the rest of his life. Everyone needs a safe haven and mine is you. Happy 9 months!

It’s today, love! Happy Birthday to us. Happy lollipop wedding to my favorite sweet, you!

I see in you all the love of God! How good to marry someone who is faithful and fearful to him too. I love you! Happy 9 months for us.

Today we flooded the 9 -month marriage and how happy I am by your side, my love! Gratitude for so much.

I chose you, simple as that. Happy lollipop wedding, my sweet love!

9 months ago I married the love of my life and I have been the happiest person ever since. I love you from here to eternity.

You taught me so much in these 9 months of marriage and I hope to continue learning with you the rest of my life!

The look is in the small attitudes: looking, smiling, understanding and caring with sweetness. Happy lollipop wedding, honey!

How good it is to marry such a sweet, affectionate person and would seem like you, my love. Love you forever. Happy lollipop wedding!

So far, these have been the best 9 months of my life. How good it is to be married to you, my beautiful! I love you so much.

Our union is like wine: it gets better and better over time. Happy 9 months!

Well they say we should marry our best friend. What an adventure that have been the last 9 months. I hope it is always like this. I love you!

My love, today we complete 9 months of marriage. 9 months of the most genuine love I’ve ever lived. Thank you for being this amazing person!

You will always be the best part of my day, even if you are not present in it 24h. Happy 9 months!

Happy lollipop wedding for the coolest couple I know! You inspire me too much.

My dear, may you continue to be happy and fulfilled at our wedding. God bless this union today and always. Happy lollipop wedding!

My dear husband, yesterday, today and tomorrow I will love you forever. Happy lollipop wedding!

How good it is to see you happy with the love of your life. You are my favorite couple and I wish you all the happiness in the world for you! Happy 9 months of marriage!

I never believed in marriage until I met you. Love you forever. Happy 9 months, my dear!

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