30 4 year anniversary messages and quotes that celebrate this remarkable date

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It is hard to find a child who doesn’t like to have a birthday, right? After all, the date is always marked by a lot of party, love and jokes. To celebrate this special day, check out these 4 year anniversary messages and quotes and send it to those who are blowing the candles today!

4 year anniversary messages and quotes full of joy and fun

How good it is to see you grow with health, joy and a lot of affection! It’s 4 years of pure love. Have a great birthday and play a lot!

That you have a day full of great joys and endless affection. Enjoy, today is your birthday! Happy 4 years.

Happy 4th birthday! Do not forget that you are very special for me.

How time goes by! Yesterday you were just a baby and today, you are celebrating 4 years of life. Happy birthday, beautiful! Enjoy a lot.

Today you turn 4! All I want is that this day is of great happiness and fun. Congratulations on the birthday!

You have no idea of ​​the amazing child who has become. I am very happy to live every evolution with you! Happy 4th birthday.

Today the most beautiful child in this world turns 4, and what blessing is to have you in our lives. Happy Birthday!

I don’t know how to put in words the pride you awaken in me. So I just say: Congratulations, my beautiful child! Happy 4th birthday.

This is another day of play and that next year bring you a lot of happiness. Happy 4th birthday!

My love, enjoy your 4th birthday a lot! Play, eat a lot of brigadeiro and be happy.

Happy 4th birthday! May your dreams come true and you grow up with a lot of light in your heart.

Happy 4th birthday! May your way be illuminated and your life, full of smiles.

The 4 years have arrived and you are becoming a wonderful child! Enjoy this phase, play, study and be very happy.

Today the love of my life is being 4 years old. I thank God very much for having you, who is a gift to all of us. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to the sweetest, cheerful and affectionate child of all. You are an angel who came to bless the lives of us all. Happy 4th birthday!

Today a beautiful princess turns 4! Happy birthday, my cuteness. Be very happy and enjoy the day with your family and friends!

My superhero is increasingly stronger and more beautiful. Happy birthday, beautiful! Enjoy these 4 years to play and make many friends.

Exactly 4 years ago I met the great love of my life. God gave me the perfect child! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, honey! May these 4 years be watered from new experiences, discoveries, games and the love of God.

God made me the happiest person in the world when he put you in my life 4 years ago! Happy Birthday, my child.

Today is the day to celebrate the 4 years of the most beloved child of all time. Happy birthday! Play a lot, enjoy the hotness and be happy.

The 4 years arrived! May you enjoy this phase with great joy, animation and that spirit that only childhood carries. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! How good it is to have your sweet laughs daily. Enjoy your 4 years and know that I will always be here for you.

Happy birthday for the sweetest, smart and sapeca child I know! That in these 4 years you can grow in grace and much love of God.

A child is the image of God in our lives, and how good it is to be able to celebrate the 4 years of our little one with much love and happiness!

4 years of much mess, hot laughs, learning and love. Happy Birthday, beautiful of my life!

You are the smartest and most curious child I have ever met. And how good this is! Take advantage of your 4 years to play and learn many new things, because this phase goes by fast.

My love, today you turn 4. I fill myself with pride with each passing day, because it is becoming an even smarter, cheerful and beautiful child!

Happy Birthday, honey! Today you have been 4 years and all that I want is that you are happy, play a lot and make the most of your childhood.

I heard that someone is 4 years old today, is it true? So, I came to wish a beautiful day, full of gifts, treats and jokes. Be very happy!

Nothing better than being a child and enjoying each phase! And to encourage little ones in your dreams, see children’s motivation messages and quotes full of joy and good reflections.

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