30 3 months married messages and quotes that celebrate this beautiful story

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The beginning of a marriage is full of news, challenges and intensity. Everything is lived with love and supported by the magic of the big day. Celebrate every second alongside the loved one and say how happy you are building a life with her. For this, check out 3 months married messages and quotes and surprise it in the cotton candy wedding!

3 months married messages and quotes that sweeten the cotton candy wedding

3 months since I chose you for a lifetime and I was also chosen. May God bless us always, my love!

I would only marry you and that’s what we did 3 months ago. This is still the happiest day of my life. I love you!

I thank all the love you give me, for making me feel the most amazing person in the world. Happy Cotton Candy Wednesday.

I love dividing every moment with you because you make life light and sweet like a cotton candy. Happy 3 months of marriage!

The magic of our yes remains by my side and I am grateful to God for giving us 3 months so sweet. I love you!

I feel such a big passion when I look at you. I know it will be like this for our whole life. Happy 3 months of marriage!

The only thing that matters is that we have been living our dream every day for 3 months. Happy cotton weddings!

I want to make you happy and fill you with love every day. Congratulations to us for 3 months of marriage!

May God always bless us and lead us to happiness. You are the love of my life. Happy Cotton Candy Wednesday!

We are only at the beginning of a beautiful love story. I’m sure it will be more amazing with each chapter. Happy cotton candy wedding! Lightness and flavor is what we have between us.

I just want your company and this is enough for me. Congratulations to us for 3 months of marriage!

I walk in the clouds by your side because I live in love. So light and sweetened this taste of our cotton candy wedding. Thank you for these 3 months of marriage. I love you!

I always love you more when I wake up by your side and see how beautiful it is. Happy 3 months of marriage. May this be always our way to start the day.

I love our house, our routine, our crazes and everything we are discovering in these 3 months. I love you!

My love, you make me smile just remembering that you are married to me. How good it is to dream and accomplish with you. Happy Cotton Candy Wednesday!

Being by your side is much more than I dreamed. I thank God for such blessing. May we always be happy. Congratulations for 3 months of marriage!

I love to wake up by your side, live by your side and share every detail of my routine with you. Happy 3 months of marriage!

I just want to see you smiling with the certainty that this is me the reason behind each manifestation of joy. Thank you for 3 months so beautiful wedding!

Our yes was a short time ago, but I realized how much we matured. May we always love ourselves more. Congratulations to us for the cotton weddings.

Every day, I discover something new to delight and fall in love with you. I love our routine and I love you. Happy 3 months of marriage!

You are light, joy and color to me and it will be so for every day of my life. Thanks for 3 months of marriage!

I wake up and I feel by my side for 3 months and there is nothing more that I want in the world. I love you!

I would marry you how many times they were necessary to demonstrate how much I love you, I love you so much. Thanks for these 3 months of much love!

The world will still be ours, for now, we build our marriage and strengthen our love. Happy Cotton Candy Wednesday!

Not even cotton candy is as sweet as you. Thank you for making my life happier. Congratulations to us for 3 months of marriage.

We are doing very well in our cotton candy wedding. After all, love only grows lightly and becomes more sweet. I love you!

May we always fly together and always remain side by side. May this be the fate of our marriage that started 3 months ago!

You bring colors to my life and make me feel the most beloved person in the world. Our 3 months of marriage were the best of my life.

You illuminate my life with your smile that wakes me up every day, sweetens me with your kisses and covers me with so much love. Happy Cotton Candy Wednesday!

I only want this climate of love and passion to remain in our lives while we are together. Congratulations to us for the cotton candy wedding!

that life alongside your love is a constant celebration. And to attract this good feeling to your routine, check out happy wedding messages and quotes and live this dream that has become real!

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