29 Coen Monja messages and quotes that are true life lessons

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Monja Coen was the first woman, and a nail-japanese nun of ancestry, to assume the presidency of the Brazilian Buddhist Federation of Buddhists. Through her books, interviews, lectures and videos, she shares love, reflections, acceptance and many learnings. To improve how human beings, check out the best cenja coen messages and quotes and share the wisdom of this great woman!

Monja Coen messages and quotes to reflect on your teachings

Want the good of all beings. This includes you.

Today is an excellent day for me to discover my life potential and use it without waste and without excesses.

How life is on the thread. If the planet Earth lifts the shoulder, everything crumbles. This is a basic Buddha teaching, which is nothing fixed.

Each time one of us becomes an enlightened being, all mankind walks one step towards enlightenment.

Keep the flame of unconditional love alive and know how to separate (if so) with the same tenderness and respect with which it joined.

Wisdom does not come from the hit, but from your learning with the errors.

How good it is to be alive, breathe and enjoy every moment, just as they are.

sit, breathe, rest and go.

We usually think of the world as something distant and separate from us, but we are the life of the universe in constant motion. We can even say that the world is us.

Nothing is fixed or permanent. The only permanent thing is impermanence.

When our emotions control us, we lose any fight, any battle. When we control our emotions we can overcome many enemies.

Life is wonderful. So fast and so brief. Why don’t I appreciate it?

To appreciate and understand life in every moment is an art to be practiced.

Do not give strength to things that are harmful. Do not pay attention to your obstacles. They exist; Respect them, but pass them.

Do good, speak good, think good. Realize that every being we find is an enlightened being, disguised to show us the way. Some show us how we should not be. Others how we should be.

Unconditional Love is one who wants the good of the other, regardless of his individual self.

Life is movement and transformation. We are responsible for our choices and decisions.

We are network, everything is connected. A beneficial attitude transforms the surroundings. Evil too. It is a boomerang. What is played in the world comes back.

love and manifest this love now.

All that exists is a sewing interdependent and simultaneous.

I can’t go back, but go ahead, correcting my own flaws or errors.

My actions, words and thoughts can benefit the largest number of beings.

It is easy to cause anger at someone else, a look of little case, a disrespect, an insult. But the great warrior can win this battle. Not by punching or physical struggle techniques, but by controlling oneself.

If peace does not start with me, it will not start. If I raise the Peace Flag in Challenge, it will not be peace. It is necessary to lift white flags with the heart of harmony, respect, compassion.

We are responsible for the reality in which we live, for the world we are in and no use complaining. It is necessary to act to transform.

You need to speak with assertiveness and sweetness, without demanding what others do not have to do, but provoke them to look for their best.

When you open the palm of your hand realize that it fits the whole universe.

Our ability to understand reality, to observe in depth is compromised if we do not question ourselves.

Include in your love the whole planet, with trees and insects. Flowers and birds. Seas, rivers, oceans.

Through your thoughts, Monja Coen teaches you to lead life more lightly and always see the good side of the things that happen to us. To continue spreading good energy, also check out our messages and quotes of optimism and reflection and share!

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