25 Sasuke Uchiha messages and quotes for Naruto’s lovers

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One of Naruto’s most beloved characters, Sasuke Uchiha is one of the last still living members of the Konohagakure Uchiha clan. At first Sasuke’s initial goal is to avenge the destruction of his clan, and for that he needs to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha. Remember the best moments of the character and read these messages and quotes from Sasuke Uchiha!

Sasuke Uchiha messages and quotes for those who are a fan of Naruto card

It is because we have ties, that we suffer.

I understand now. Even if I have to eat the devil’s fruit, I must gain power. I’m a avenger!

It’s true, you are special Naruto, but not as special as I do!

I don’t look at the future anymore. Just the past.

Many things happened, but I decided to protect the village and I will become Hokage.

I closed my eyes a long time ago, my goals are in the dark.

When someone understands what love is also understands what hatred is.

I know we four we work together. For a moment, I thought I could choose this path, but in the end I chose revenge. This has always been my goal in life.

I go to the battlefield, I will not leave the village and my brother falls in vain!

Tears and rain fall on my face, my body can’t stay, but my heart doesn’t want to leave.

No matter how much you use your eyes. I will use my hatred to transform fantasy into reality! And your reality is death.

I never want to see someone else important to die in front of me.

I see no reason for her to love me.

My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate many things and particularly I don’t like anything.

If you think I’m a stupid child ruled by your emotions, then it is.

Why do you always treat me like a plague?

I don’t know. My body just moved. There was no time to think.

Shinobi’s soul remains the same, even for your child.

I will restore my clan and kill a certain someone.

I already told you this before, I’m a avenger. I don’t care about this test, Chunin or so much. “I’m strong?” , this is the answer I want.

Having many bonds makes the person lose their focus, weakening his stronger desire, his greatest desire.

This is the way I follow. Neither you nor anyone can change that.

I closed my eyes a long time ago. My only goal is in the darkness.

If anyone wants to deny my lifestyle, I will kill everyone from those who liked it. Maybe then they understand a little of my hatred.

Because what can be destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt.

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