25 messages and quotes of pride and prejudice for those who are a fan of this work

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Published in 1813, this romantic drama of Jane Austen portrays the culture of aristocratic society of the time. With a strong character and an amazing plot, the story has been adapted a few times to the cinema and has even been inspired for a national soap opera. We have selected memorable messages and quotes of “pride and prejudice” for you to remember and enjoy this plot. Check it out!

messages and quotes of pride and prejudice to remember this success of Jane Austen

I would rather be considered sincere.

vanity and pride are different things, although words are often used as synonyms.

a woman’s imagination is very fast; jump from admiration to love and love to marriage in a moment.

When I have a home of my own, I will feel unhappy until I have a large library.

Learn some of my philosophy. Remember only what causes you pleasure.

It is a universally known truth that a single man who has a great fortune must be looking for a wife.

I am sure it is too generous to make little case of my feelings.

goodbye, disappointments and sorrows. What do men matter to the cliffs and the mountains? Oh, how many pleasant hours will we pass! And when we come back, we will not do as the other travelers who can describe it accurately.

Is not the general inattention the very essence of love?

We get tired less easily from a book than anything else.

She is tolerable, but not beautiful enough to try.

My affection remains unchanged; Just, but a single word of yours to make me shut up forever.

The distance is short when you have a good reason.

I have a persistence that the will of others is unable to intimidate. In these moments, my courage always helps me.

I cannot fix the time or place. This has been a long time ago. I was already in the middle and I still didn’t know it had started.

Once lost my good opinion of a person, is lost forever.

Happiness in marriage is a matter of pure luck. If the disposition of the parts is always as well known to both, or if they are similar beforehand, it makes no difference to happiness in the end. People always get different after going through difficult periods.

Nothing is more misleading than the appearance of humility. Sometimes it is just little country and sometimes an indirect way to brag.

I have never seen such capacity, taste, application and elegance as you describe, together.

I think there is a trend in all temperaments to a certain form of evil, a natural addiction that not even the best education can extinguish.

I am not in the moment to comfort young people rejected by other men.

I would easily forgive your pride if he had not mortified mine.

The better I know the world, the less it satisfies me; And every day I see my belief in the inconsistency of all human characters.

I declare that there is no fun better than reading. We get tired less easily from a book than anything else.

should allow me to tell you how burningly admire you and I love you.

Even though it is written in another century, this wonderful plot can be very current, and this is one of the author’s spells. To learn more about your works, also check out these amazing messages and quotes by Jane Austen!

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