25 messages and quotes from São Judas Thaddeus for those who are devotee of the saint

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Known as the saint of desperate and distressed people and the lost or impossible causes, they are Judas Thaddeus was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus – beware not to be confused with Iscariot, betrayer of Christ! Your day is celebrated with great joy by your devotees on October 28! To celebrate this Catholic figure, check out these messages and quotes from St. Judas Tadeu!

Saint Judas Tadeu messages and quotes to resort to the saint of impossible causes

glorious saint of desperate cases, pray for us, that we are needy.

Glorious are Judas Thaddeus, interceded for us before God. There is no if possible that your intercession cannot resolve.

are Judas, comforts the poor children of yours, who expect and beg the peace and love of God.

are Judas Thaddeus, we put all our impossible causes in his hands. Interceded by us with Jesus.

For all eternity, I promise you, are Judas Thaddeus, always remember this great favor and never stop praising and honoring you! Amen!

are Judas Thaddeus, in times of great anguish, I know you will help me. I believe in you. Make this devotion my conversion is worth. Amen!

It’s October 28th! The day is running out, but the blessings of St. Judas Thaddeus will continue throughout our lives.

are Judas Thaddeus of desperate causes and business without medicine, pray for us!

are Judas Thaddeus, called and sent by Jesus, you are one of the twelve columns that support the true church founded by Christ. Pray for us!

I like St. Judas Thaddeus because he was a man of faith and died under the shackles of divine hope over all evil.

My Holy Protector is St. Judas, who is always guiding me and helping me in all the causes of my life!

When you feel lost and not see ways to follow, ask São Judas Thaddeus and will be answered!

are Judas, saint of all the lost causes, look at me and all my family. Amen!

May I be an obedient and faithful servant to Jesus as it was Judas Thaddeus. Amen!

everything that seemed lost I got, thanks to St. Judas Thaddeus. I am forever grateful to him!

are Judas, that I never lack strength and faith to face all the obstacles of life. Amen!

No cause is impossible for St. Judas Thaddeus. Ask and trust you!

My guide, my saint, my Judas Thaddeus, illuminate me today and always. That I never give up, even when things seem impossible. Amen!

Apostle of Jesus and Holy, Judas Tadeu is responsible for meeting those impossible causes. So if you are hopeless, ask it!

It is with the grace and blessing of St. Judas Thaddeus that I have achieved everything I have today. Amen!

October 28 is the day of St. Judas Thaddeus, the saint of all the lost causes and one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Pray, ask you what your heart wants and will be answered.

My saint is strong! My saint is St. Judas Thaddeus! So never doubt me. There is no impossible cause for those who believe in God.

are Judas Thaddeus taught me never to give up and always look for a solution for all causes, even those that already look lost! Increase my faith, my saint.

are Judas, that I may have heart and faith. May the weight of the world never be discouraged and that I can always follow in the footsteps of Jesus, just as you did. Amen!

It is São Judas who guides me, it is São Judas who protects me. To Him, I dedicate all my devotion and love.

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