25 messages and quotes from Nise da Silveira for those who like psychiatry

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reference in the psychiatric environment, Nise da Silveira revolutionized the treatment of madness in Brazil. Born in Maceió in 1905, she proposed a humanized treatment that used art to rehabilitate patients. To know a little more about the ideas and thoughts of this woman so important to psychiatry, check out the best messages and quotes of Nise da Silveira!

Nise da Silveira messages and quotes to better understand the human mind

To navigate the current, there is necessary rare conditions: spirit of adventure, courage, perseverance and passion.

It is necessary to be amazed, indignant and infect, only then is it possible to change things.

Creativity is the par excellence catalyst for the approximations of opposites. Through them, sensations, emotions, thoughts, are led to recognize themselves with each other, to associate themselves, and even internal riots acquire shape.

What cures, fundamentally, is the stimulus to creativity.

Cats are the most beautiful, intelligent and independent beings in the world. This is why men have so much difficulty relating to them and pursue them indiscriminately since the beginning of time.

What improves service is the affective contact of one person with another. What heals is joy, what heals is the lack of prejudice.

I despise the people who judge themselves superior to animals. Animals have the wisdom of nature.

Because I went through prison, I understand the people and animals who are sick, poor, who suffer. I identify with them. I feel one of them.

I’m not much of the past. I’m from the future. Who looks too much back, is.

Things are not outdated so easily, they are transformed.

The artist and the poet dive into the unconscious and come back. Already the madman, the mentally ill has no ticket back. This is the difference.

Do not cure beyond the account. People too healed is boring. Everyone has a little madness.

The word I like the most is freedom. I like the sound of this word.

Only crazy and artists can understand me.

There is beauty in life, there is beauty in everything. Do you see? There is beauty in joy, and even longing, sadness, suffering and even in the match, there is beauty.

A dialogue is stimulating, loneliness too.

This fury is in my temperament. When I want something, I insist.

To start studying it is necessary, at first, weeding. Weeding intensely. Only, after long weeding work do you be able to change the raw for a long comb, and pass it silky in the hair of a woman.

Creativity is the par excellence of the approximations of opposites.

Psychic contamination is worse than lice. It goes from one head to one, in incredible speed. And, as you know, everyone has taken lice.

Everyone has a little madness. Fortunately, I never lived with very filed people.

The analysis of a single dream is worth nothing. We need to follow dream series. How you need to follow image series.

The individual only completes himself when he can integrate the unconscious and the outside world. In this process, the forces of the unconscious are the main ones.

The ego is a small island. The danger is the sea, in the angry hangover, to submerge the island. Then the tragedy occurs.

I have four cats with me. I’ve had much more. They are silent and help me at work. Cats are my masters.

Nise da Silveira made room for a more humanized psychology in Brazil. And if you like themes of the human mind, enjoy and read these messages and quotes from Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.

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