25 messages and quotes from Ariana Grande for those who love the pop diva

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One of the greatest pop singers today, Ariana Grande accumulates awards and successful songs. She has twice taken the Grammy home and was indicated twelve times. You may not remember, but surely you’ve heard some song from the young singer! Want to know a little more about the icon of this icon? So, check out these messages and quotes from Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande messages and quotes to know more about this current pop culture icon

A few days, things take a lot of my energy, I look up and the whole room is spinning.

love, lie down and let’s pray. I’m telling you how I like it, how I want to.

He sees the universe when he is with me. It’s all on me.

Because if the water dries, and one day the moon stops shining, the stars fall and the world blind, you know I will still be keeping my love for you.

I just want to die feeling alive, never because of a broken heart. I don’t want to hear you lie tonight, now that I have become who I really am.

Paradise sent you to me, I just hope not to repeat the story.

But difficult times are precious because they lead to better days.

Thank you, next. I am very grateful for my ex.

Lately, I’ve been in a roller coaster, trying to control my emotions, but all I know is that I need you around.

I’m so in the mood for you that I can barely breathe.

I’m intense, but I don’t give a damn. I admit I’m a little problematic, but I can hide it when I’m tidy.

I am obsessive and I love it too much. I’m good to think too much with my heart.

If I could change the world at night, there would be no things like goodbye.

I’m sorry if I live between ups and downs. I’m sorry for me to think I’m not enough and I’m sorry for apologizing too much.

End with your girlfriend because I’m bored.

But nearby is not close enough until we cross the line. So choose a game and I’m going to play the data.

I think I’m better here alone tonight.

There is nothing wrong with saying that I need time for me. Generally, I would orbbim around you, but gravity seems to be the only thing attracting me.

Everything I want, everything I need, everything I see is just you and me!

You will be my dawn as soon as the stars align.

If I could die in your arms, I wouldn’t care.

I swear I will make it worth it, because I don’t want to be without you.

You fell from the sky straight on my lap.

Just tell me what I have to do just to be close to you.

And I can be all the things you said to me not to be.

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