25 messages and quotes by Michelle Obama who exhale power and female strength

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One of today’s most influential female voices, former United States First Lady Michelle Obama is a figure that inspires women from around the world. His autobiography “My History” has sold over 10 million copies and is an editorial success. Check out these messages and quotes by Michelle Obama full of strength, empowerment and diverse reflections on life.

Michelle Obama messages and quotes to know more about this iconic figure

Just try something new. Do not be afraid. Get out of your comfort zone and fly.

One of the lessons I grew up was always to remain true to yourself and never let someone’s words distract you from your goals.

I am the example of what is possible when girls since the beginning of their lives are loved and nourished by the people around.

Each and each of you can be leaders and support others to achieve your goals as well.

Any man who uses strength to oppress women is a coward, and he is holding the progress of his family and his country.

The difference between a broken and prosperous community is the presence of women who are valued.

am I good enough? Yes, actually, I am.

We know that our children are observing us and paying attention to every word we say and every action we take. We, as parents, are their most important models.

There are still many causes that it is worth sacrificing ourselves, many things that still need to be done.

There are still many causes that it is worth sacrificing and a lot of history to be written.

Success is not about how much money you earn, but with the difference you make in other people’s lives.

Failing is a crucial part of success. Every time you fail and recover, exercise perseverance that is the key to life. Your strength is in the ability to compose yourself.

You cannot make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what may happen.

You cannot make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what may happen.

No matter what are the difficulties or what obstacles will be in your way, I want you to study what you want to study to make the difference in the world.

We are content with the world as it is or work for a world as it should be?

time, for my father, it was a gift you gave to other people.

Don’t want to be with a man who is too dumb to enjoy an intelligent woman.

Meet people who do you better.

As women, we all have to support each other.

If there is one thing I learned in life is the power to use one’s own voice.

As women and girls, we have to invest time to understand who we are and enjoy who we are.

If my future were determined only by my performance in standard tests and tests, I would not be here. I assure you that.

Throughout my life I was lucky to know various types of extraordinary and talented people. I learned the following: Everyone had those who doubted them.

Just do what you have logic to you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently.

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