25 messages and quotes by Franz Kafka who demonstrate his success with the words

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It is worth knowing these messages and quotes by Franz Kafka. Born in the Czech Republic, he stood out with his dystopian novels and bohemian tales written in German. The author also raises several questions about human behavior and attitudes with allegories that still feed discussions. No wonder it has become one of the great names of modern literature. Check it out!

Franz Kafka messages and quotes to know this success of the twentieth century

You don’t know the energy that resides in silence.

Men become bad and guilty because they speak and act without anticipating the results of their words and acts.

From a certain point ahead there is no more return. This is the point that must be achieved.

A book must be the ax that will break the frozen seas within our soul.

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who has the ability to see beauty never ages.

What is wealth? For one, an old shirt is already wealth. Another is poor with ten million. Wealth is completely relative and unsatisfactory.

From your armchair, you regulate the world. Your opinion was certain, any other was foolish, extravagant, abnormal.

Evil knows good, but good does not know evil.

The meaning of life is that it ends.

In your fight against the rest of the world, I advise you to put yourself on the rest of the world.

Solidarity is the feeling that best expresses respect for human dignity.

Believing means: freeing in us the indestructible, or more exactly, release, or more exactly, to be indestructible, or more exactly: Being.

Time is your capital, you need to know how to use it. Waste time is spoiling life.

We should only read the books that spicy and bite us. If the book we read does not awaken us like a punch in the skull, why read it?

Start with what is right instead of what is acceptable.

Pain is the positive element of this world and also the only bond between this world and the positive itself.

does not despair, not even because it does not despair. When everything seems after, new strengths arise. This means you live.

believing passionately in something that doesn’t exist yet, we created it.

Own does not exist, there is only the being: this being that aspires to the last breath, to asphyxiation.

There is a goal, but there is no way. What we call the way is nothing more than hesitation.

Calm reflections, including the calmer, are still better than desperate decisions.

After giving shelter to evil, he will no longer ask you to believe him.

The right path passes over a stretched rope just above the ground. It seems first intended to make people stumble than bring them to a good end.

I’m tired, I can’t think of anything and I just want to put my face on your lap, feel your hand on my head and stay like this for all eternity.

He is very afraid of dying because he has not lived yet.

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