25 messages and quotes by Elon Musk to meet the richest man in the world

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Founder, CEO and CTO of Spacex, Tesla Motors CEO and OpenAi vice president, Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. With a personal assets estimated at about 188.5 billion dollars, he surpassed the entrepreneur and billionaire Jeff Bezos. Want to know more about this great man? So read these messages and quotes from Elon Musk we selected!

ELON MUSK messages and quotes for those who are a fan of great business owners

Life is too short for long -term disagreements.

Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass looking at the abyss of death.

Patience is a virtue. And I’m learning to have her. It is a difficult lesson.

I never give up, I would need to be dead or completely disabled.

CEO’s path should not be through the CFO office or in the marketing department. It needs to be through engineering and design.

When something is important enough, you do, even if the chances are not in your favor.

I say something, and then it usually happens. Maybe not on time, but it usually happens.

We will make it happen. As God is my witness, I am completely committed to making it work.

If you wake up in the morning and think the future will be better, it’s a good day. If not, it is not.

People should go after what makes them happy. This will make them even happier than anything else.

Alright keep all your eggs in a single basket, as long as you control everything that happens in the basket.

I believe it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.

Building a company is like baking a cake. You need to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.

I would like to die on Mars. Only not on impact.

failure is a possibility. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.

I think this is the best advice of all: think constantly on how you can do things better and question yourself.

When Henry Ford produced cheap and reliable cars, people said “no, we have horses.” He made a big bet. And it worked.

The future of humanity has two possibilities: either it will become multiplanetary or will remain confined to a planet and eventually go through an extinction event.

People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people want to go to work in the morning and enjoy working.

Some people do not like changes, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.

The chances of me getting into this rocket business, not knowing anything about rockets, never having built anything, I mean, I would have to be a crazy if you thought the chances would be in my favor.

Starting a business is not for everyone. The first advice I can give is: has a greater limit to pain.

I find it very important to live in a feedback loop, where you are always thinking about what you did and how you could do better. This is the best advice I can give: question yourself and never stop improving.

I don’t create companies to create companies, but to do things.

It is very important to like the people you work with, otherwise your life (e) your work will be quite unhappy.

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