25 messages and quotes by Amyr Klink that sail the writer’s genius

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Born on September 25, 1955 this Brazilian navigator was the first to cross the South Atlantic rowing. Born in São Paulo and graduated in Economics and Business Administration, he is also the author of books such as “Hundred Days Between Heaven and Sea”, as well as motivational speaker. To learn more about your work, check out these amazing messages and quotes from Amyr Klink!

Amyr Klink messages and quotes Full of motivating reflections

It’s funny how well-being does not depend on comfort, tranquility or favorable, but simple and only situations.

Nothing is more certain than the arrival of good time after a storm that seems endless.

One day you need to stop dreaming and somehow leave.

Life has these things: nus days if everything gets, in other days nothing is taken. It’s like the tide: go, but always come back.

Who has a friend, even if one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness; You may miss you, but it will not be alone.

It is necessary, first of all, to want.

Worse than not finishing a trip is never to leave.

A man needs to travel to places he does not know to break this arrogance that makes us see the world as we imagine it, not simply as it is or can be.

I found out how good it is to arrive when you have patience.

To arrive, wherever it is, I learned that it is not necessary to dominate strength, but reason.

Each success has a lot of failure.

You have to stop dreaming, take the plans from the drawers and somehow start …

The world on TV is beautiful, but it serves for little.

Just as in good hours the positive side of people adds up, in black hours the negative side multiplies.

Solitude was the only thing I didn’t feel after leaving. Never. At no time.

The sea is not an obstacle: it is a way.

I always dreamed of doing what I do today, but I never thought it was going to work. I learned this browsing: those who dream can’t sleep. Has to do.

You need to question what you have learned.

I do not expect help from God. God does not exist to get us out of trouble. It is to share pleasures and joys.

I found that the greatest happiness there is the silent certainty that it is worth living.

It was deeply well, as if life had always been like this, alternating day after day, violent landscapes with calm scenes, minutes of concern for moments of great joy.

Undoubtedly, this was the biggest risk I ran: not from.

and then I could see how few things were enough to live in peace and well.

Opportunities are unique.

But longing is sometimes good for the heart.

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