25 Hannah Arendt messages and quotes to know the philosopher’s thought

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For those who like contemporary philosophy, we selected the best messages and quotes by Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), one of the most influential philosopher and theoretical political of the twentieth century. Jew, born in Germany, his life was marked by the Nazi persecution. Engaged with the resistance struggle, Hannah wrote about the totalitarian regimes and was a great defender of human rights. Check it out and share!

Hannah Arendt messages and quotes that will fill you with inspiration

The most radical revolutionary becomes a conservative the day after the revolution.

Confidence in the reality of life, on the contrary, it depends almost exclusively on the intensity with which life is experienced, the impact with which it feels.

Power is never the property of an individual; It belongs to a group and exists only while the group retains united.

Power and violence are opposite; where one dominates absolutely, the other is absent.

Plurality is the condition of human action because we are all the same, that is, humans, without anyone being exactly the same as anyone who has existed, exists or exists.

If we did not force ourselves to fulfill our promises, we would not be able to preserve our identity; we would be condemned to make mistakes, helpless and bewildered.

Every pain can be supported if it can be told a story.

Education is the point where we decide if we love the world enough to take responsibility for it.

Who inhabits this planet is not man, but men. Plurality is the law of the earth.

Only kindness should hide absolutely and avoid any publicity, otherwise it is destroyed.

action, as it strives to found and preserve political bodies, creates the condition for memory, that is, for history.

The goal of totalitarian education was never to instill convictions, but to destroy the ability to form some.

An existence lived entirely in public, in the presence of others, becomes, as we would say, superficial.

Being in solitude means being with oneself, therefore, the act of thinking, although it can be the most lonely of activities, is never fully performed without a partner and without company.

Conservatism, in the sense of conservation, is part of the essence of educational activity, whose task is always to house and protect something.

Forgiveness is the only way to reverse the irreversible flow of history.

school is by no means the world, nor should it be taken as such; It is rather the institution that interposes between the world and the private domain of the home.

A life without thinking is totally possible, but it fails to make her own essence unfold – she is not just meaningless; She is not totally alive. Men who don’t think are like sleepwalks.

The essence of human rights is the right to have rights.

Lies have always been considered necessary and legitimate instruments, not only from the office of the politician or the demagogue, but also of the statesman.

The assumption that the identity of a person transcends, in greatness and importance, all that he can do or produce is an indispensable element of human dignity.

We live in dark times, where the worst people lost fear and the best lost hope.

In the name of personal interests, many abdicate critical thinking, swallow abuse and smile to those who despise. Opening thinking is also a crime.

Evil is not in torturers, but in men with clean hands that generate a system that allows banal men to do things like torture.

Being seen and heard by others is important by the fact that everyone see and hear from different angles. This is the meaning of public life.

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