25 cordel poems messages and quotes for those who love this national heritage

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One of the greatest treasures in Brazilian literature, the poem of Cordel has its roots in the Northeast. With a more oral language, this kind of verse discusses Brazil’s popular culture, in a fun way, but always with some criticism. Want to know more about this rich part of national culture? So read these messages and quotes of string poems!

Cordel Poems messages and quotes To Dive in this enchanted world

Without law or king, I saw myself throwing a boy well to a stony plateau. Stagging, blind, in the sun of chance, I saw the world roar. Evall Tiger.

Everything pointed the sun! I was under, in jail I was and I find myself, dreaming and singing, without law or king!

I am wire of the woods, corner of the thick hand. Work in the fields, winter and section. My chupana is covered by clay. Only smoke Paia de Mio

I have no knowledge, because I never studied. Only I rise my name signs. My father, poor thing! I lived without copper. And the poor wire cannot study.

If we once liked it. If one day we wondered. If both were tied. If we both lived. If we both live. If we both fell. If we both died. If he was assumed to heaven.

But but it happened from St. Peter not to open the door of heaven and would say any foolish … Tarvez that two would stay, Tarvez that two fell and the heaven pierced and the Virgi would go.

Camões said, “Lord King, bitterness does not give honey.” Know your majesty, the world is not faithful. The earth has risen at a sheet of paper.

João Grilo was a Christian who was born before the day. He created himself without beauty, but he had wisdom and died after the time for the arts he did.

On the night João was born there was an eclipse on the moon and detonated a volcano that still continues that night ran a werewolf on the street.

I am a difficult and hard life. I am a northeast of Brazil. I am a guitarist singer, I am joy in raining. I am a doctor without knowing how to read, I am rich without being granfino.

Camões said, “I will say with the faith I have in Him.” Now at this moment I am inspired by him … Above Christ is only the crown of Him.

The more I am northeastern, the more I am proud to be. From my boring head, my dragged accent. Of our cracked soil, these mistreated people.

Pernambuco is the Torrão, where I was born and walked. After the use of reason, poetry I embraced and went out selling verses. In Paraíba I contributed.

If the earth was God who did, if it is the work of creation, each peasant must have a band of ground.

If I knew this world was so corrupted, I had made a strike, but I had not been born.

Even so my grandfather when I was crying, he said he doesn’t cry, the weather will get better. I was a fool believed. For innocent waited.

Do not accept humiliation for its quality. If anyone wants to bet, bet on the truth. This advice gives luck, wealth and happiness.

There are three things in this world that I give all the value: beautiful woman, money and a fighter man, who, with his reason, is a winning hero.

Long before the flood was the different world, the animals all spoke better than a lot of people and spent good life, working honestly.

I already demonstrated in this story, love how much it is: only the lover without faith fades without victory! They keep therefore in memory.

Contestation is not a crime. Where there is democracy only to the citizen belongs to his sovereignty. In the coercive power, Jesus was subversive in the version of tyranny.

Thu is Brasi Caboco? It is a different Brazil from the capitás. It is a Brasil Brasilêro, without mixing of instrangero, a Brazil night!

No love is bought, no joy is exchanged. Character has no pledge, well that we create. And in life one learns: happiness is not sold, because it is not commodity.

The Mexer Seal is a poisonous sword, whose venomous tongue makes a horrible trick. If the son -in -law is not known, or if not well prevented, it suffers painful scene.

What hurts the most is not to miss the beloved love that is absent. Not even the memory that the heart feels. Of the beautiful dreams of the first age.

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