24 messages and quotes by Angela Davis to fight for human rights

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A black woman, philosopher, a teacher with an emphasis on feminist studies and one of the greatest icons of civil rights struggle. He has been adept at the Pantras Black Group and arrested in the 1970s, a fact that triggered the “Libertem Angela Davis” campaign. Author of several books, we selected messages and quotes by Angela Davis, a humanist who fights for human rights and the end of inequalities.

Angela Davis messages and quotes to reflect on society

It is not enough not to be racist, you need to be an anti -racist.

When children attend schools that value discipline and safety more than intellectual knowledge and development, they attend preparatory schools for prison.

We need to reflect a lot to realize the intersections between race, class and gender, in order to realize that between these categories there are relationships that are mutual and others that are crossed. No one can take the primacy of one category over the others.

We need to think how much racism prevents the social mobility of the black population.

We have a class problem. And racism also creates a gender hierarchy, leaving the black woman in a much greater situation of social vulnerability.

We all have to participate to ensure that something is done to curb the racist damage that is happening to our communities across the country.

If all lives imported, we would not need to proclaim emphatically that black life matters.

Freedom is a constant struggle.

There has to be a wide feminism. To recognize that capitalism has always been connected with racism.

Democracy that excludes black women is not a democracy at all.

When the black woman moves, the whole structure of society moves with her.

To adopt incarceration to solve problems such as domestic violence reproduces the violence we try to eradicate.

I do not believe it is healthy to choose a fight and say that it is more important than another, but in recognizing how different struggles connect.

It is not the individual people who decide that violence is the answer; It is the institutions around us that are saturated with violence.

Let’s start now what should have been done a century and a half ago. This is just the beginning. It’s very exciting. And first of all, we can’t stop.

When we talk “black lives matter” we are not talking about a specific group, we are talking about humanity. And the same argument applies to the trans community

We represent the powerful forces of change that are determined to prevent the dying cultures of racism and heterosexual patriarchy rise again.

struggles for the freedom of the black people who shaped the very nature of the history of this country cannot be erased with the movement of a hand.

We are active agents of history and history cannot be erased as internet pages!

We must not forget that black lives matter.

No human being is illegal.

This is an anchored country in slavery and colonialism. Which means, for the better or worse, that the own history of the United States is a history of immigration and slavery.

The struggle to save the planet, to stop climate change, to ensure access to water, (…), the struggle to save our flora and fauna, to save the earth, this is the zero point for justice Social.

Women’s March represents the promise of feminism against the pernicious powers of state violence.

Author of amazing books such as “Women, Race and Class” and “A Self -Office”, these were some of Angela Davis’s messages and quotes, always very important for the society in which we live. We suggest that you research more about this author and continue to know amazing authors on the site. To do this, go to Sartre’s messages and quotes.

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