20 twilight messages and quotes to remember moments of the saga

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Launched in December 2008, the Twilight saga has 5 films that deal with the history of a human who falls madly in love with a vampire. To understand more of this plot that unfolds in the city of Forks, see the twilight messages and quotes we select and understand the feelings between Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan.

Twilight messages and quotes that marked this story

I never thought much about how I would die. Dying in place of someone who loves one seems to be a good way to leave.

I just say it would be better if we weren’t friends, not that I don’t want to be. If you are smart, keep yourself away if me.

I feel very needed to protect you.

I don’t have the strength to stay away from you.

Everything you have in me is an invitation to you: my voice, my face and even my smell.

But you… your smell, it’s like a drug for me. It’s like a heroin brand made for me just.

You don’t know how long I waited for you…

So, the lion falls in love with the lamb…

I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

I can’t take myself for the regret of decisions that brought me face to face with death.

Death is peaceful, easy. Life is more difficult.

These violent joys are also violently ended, dating in triumph as gunpowder and fire, which in a kiss are consumed.

I dream of staying with you forever.

You give me everything just because you breathe.

If it is for my soul, take it. I don’t want you without you.

His absence everywhere I look like a huge hole that was made in my chest.

Pain is the only thing that reminds me that it was real…

You know, sometimes you need to learn to love what is good for you.

We think of ourselves as vegetarians, because we survive solely with the blood of animals. But it is… It’s like a human living only of tofu. Keep you strong, but you are never completely satisfied.

Is it possible that everything is true? Fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there is nothing and normal?

It is noted that this is a novel without defined limits, isn’t it? To be inspired by other passages that require insistence and persistence, see also our impossible love messages and quotes and battle for your feelings!

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