20 Poem messages and quotes for mother who demonstrate how giant this love is

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Poetry is the delicate way that words are organized to demonstrate love. Great poets throughout human history have described, each in their own way, the various looks at such a huge feeling dedicated to our queen. Read the poem messages and quotes to mother and choose your favorite!

Poem messages and quotes for mother full of lyricism, love and affection

I am with you, Mother, in your permanent dream, in your uncertain hope. I am with you in your simplicity and in your generous gestures.

Mother’s Love is the highest form of altruism.

Everything I am, or I want to be, I owe an angel, my mother.

Every woman is like a rose. Queen of all flowers, but there are a woman who is also a mother. He is queen among Queens, Queen of all roses.

Mother. There are three letters only, those of this blessed name: three letters, nothing more and it fits infinity.

Dying happens with what is brief and passes without a trace. Mother, in her grace, is eternity.

When I am small, mother, I want to hear your voice again in the sound camp of my restless, hasty days, beaten by fear.

Ó Mother who cut my hair – my hair. Adorns you much more than the rings.

For the day to be huge, all the tenderness that looked in my mother’s eyes was enough.

The care of my poetry learned was a mother, woman of repairing things, and to afford life.

The soul of your mother floats forward. Your mother’s soul helps the night navigate, I choose after I choose. The soul of your mother bears the sharks in front of you.

You have the divine gift of being a mother. In you is present humanity.

Mother has no limit, it is time without time, light that does not turn off when the wind and rain blows, velvet hidden on wrinkled skin, pure water, fresh air, pure thought.

Your name I bring, mother, in the palm of my hand.

Fierce love. And mothers are increasingly beautiful. The children think they levitate. Violent flowers beat their eyelids. They breathe up and down. They are silent.

Mothers are the highest things their children create, because they are in the combustion of their children, because their children are as invaders of dandelions in the mothers’ ground.

I didn’t forget anything, mother. I keep your voice inside me. And leave you the roses.

Mother, my mother: Do not miss you that I will always return as whoever arrives from the sea.

I’m very afraid, my mother. It rests the friend friend of your eyes in my eyes without light and without rest. Say the pain that awaits me forever to leave.

In the mother’s belly, you don’t make just another body. Manufactures the soul.

As the sage would say, ‘art exists because life is not enough’. Ferreira Gullar was one of the great names of Brazilian poetry, read Gullar’s messages and quotes and celebrate the beautiful words of this poet.

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