20 Padre Pio messages and quotes to enhance the soul with his teachings

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Baptized as Francesco Forgione, Father Pio de Pietrelcina is a saint of the Catholic Church who has lived a life of love and humility. Considered as an example to be followed, it was great devotion by the figures of Our Lady and Jesus Christ. So, enjoy the best messages and quotes of Padre Pio and build your walk with your great examples of faith and devotion.

Padre Pio messages and quotes to apply to our lives

humility and charity go together. One glorify and the other sanctifies. Humility and purity are wings that elevate us to God and make us almost divine.

Have Jesus Christ in your heart and all the crosses of the world will look like roses.

The time that consecrates the glory of God and the well-being of others is never wasted.

The good heart is always strong, suffers, but hides your tears, and comforts yourself sacrificing yourself and God.

Everything that comes from God leaves the soul quiet even in the face of afflictions and contradictions.

love means giving others – especially those who need and those who suffer – what we have best in ourselves and ourselves.

always seeks to conform and in everything God’s will in all events, and not fear. This compliance is the safe way to reach heaven.

One can look for God in books, but He can only be found in prayer. Prayer is the best weapon we have, the key that opens the heart of God.

Never lie down without first examining your conscience, in the way you spent the day and without first putting your thoughts to God.

God’s mercy will always be greater than your ingratitude.

Let us make saints, so after having lived together on Earth, we will be together forever in heaven.

I am not as God made me, yet I feel that I would have to make a greater effort to make an act of pride than an act of humility. Because humility is true, and the truth is that I am nothing, and all the good that is in me is of God.

Prayer makes the distance between man and God disappear.

The evildoer who is ashamed of the evil he has done is closer to God than the Christian who boasts for doing good.

The true servant of God is the one who uses charity to his neighbor, who is determined to do God’s will at all costs, who lives in deep humility and simplicity.

Holy Silence allows us to hear the voice of God more clearly.

I feel so sorry for those who have no faith! I can not understand. As they can be atheists in a world where plants grow, the sun shines, the birds sing. They are men without imagination.

loves Jesus, loves him so much, but precisely for this, loves the sacrifice.

In life, Jesus does not ask you to light up with him his heavy cross, but a small part of his cross, a part that comes down to the pains of men.

accepts all the pain and misunderstanding that come from above. So you will improve and sanctify you.

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